General (DMU & DMC) Dominaria United Testing/Includes Thread

This is a testing/includes thread. Post pictures using /ci or a text list using /c with what cards you plan to include and what cards you plan to test. Since the Commander Spoilers are already done, you may post those cards here as well.

I'm likely not updating my Cube again until after Brother's War comes out, so I'm just going to list some cards I find worth playing.

Testable for Main Cube

I want to try Archangel of Wrath, Runic Shot, The Cruelty of Gix, Cut Down, The Elder Dragon War, and Urborg Lhurgoyf the most. The rest I could take or leave.

Testable for Unstable Cubicorns

Of this second list, the only one I'm sold on for sure is Shore Up; the rest don't serve a necessary function at this point in time. They are simply of roughly appropriate power and complexity to facilitate potential inclusion.

What are your plans for this set?
Okay, but for real this time - interested in the following for my Arena Cube. Part 1: White/Blue/Black

Here is my list

There are some no-brainers that I do not really feel the need to talk about. There are also cards I'm on the fence about on the list. Here are some of the more interesting ones IMO.

For: Selesnya go-wide Crypto

King Darien, what a perfect gem for the green-white go-wide deck that also runs March of the Multitude and the Cryptolith Rites package. Resolute Reinforcements (Doesn't sound like a creature if you ask me) is a creature version of Raise the Alarm that can be ninjutsu'ed. Also a Human unlike those pesky Soldier tokens.

Cuts: Fleecemane Lion and Omen of the Sun


For: Reanimator. Deck can either be Dimir, Rakdos or Grixis (needs black)

It's a {3}{B}{B} Zombify with upside because of Read ahead. I need to find room for this although I do not know what to cut yet. Reanimtor often needs some support in form of either discard or counter spells in order to 'clear the way' for their shenanigans. This has discard on Chapter 1. I understand the downside and the risk of running both normal Sagas and also Read ahead Sagas but I am okay with that as long as I don't put this on Level 1 where I want complexity to be no higher than what I consider medium. This is quite likely a Level 2 card.

Cuts: ?


For: Self discard (part of reanimator and madness package) in either Dimir, Izzet, Rakdos or Grixis

I am a bit reluctant to including a new token. But The Raven Man is a Human for the Human deck. A Wizard for the Party decks. It is a payoff for the black, blue and red self discard decks. And it's also a 2/1 for {1}{B} (had it been an enchantment it would not have been able to put pressure on the opponent.) The Saga is pretty pushed as a 4/4 flier for {2}{R}{R} but with upside. I am hoping it can be used to fuel the graveyard as well.

Cuts: Concealing Curtains, one other red card that will be mentioned in a sec below (after Squee)


For: Aggro in all colors. Maybe Naya go-wide that is mostly supported in Selesnya.

I am cutting Goblin Rabblemaster and Krenko, Tin Street Kingpin. I am done with those. This one reads a lot simpler. It has a lot of text but as soon as you've read it, you've got it. Also the recursion mechanic is escape from Theros: Beyond Death. My cubers will recognize this fast.

Cuts: Goblin Rabblemaster and Krenko, Tin Street Kingpin


I am considering making this change, what do you think?

It's a better creature type for party. I think I like the ability better as well.

I could also cut Baleful Strix for it.


I recently added a 5-color deck on Level 1 and expanded with upgraded tools on Level 2 as an A+B mechanic with mana sources that give all 5 colors in one card and some 5-color payoff cards.

The deck uses cards like Crystal Quarry, The World Tree, Kaleidostone, Esika, God of the Tree and Maelstrom Archangel.

It's absolutely amazing that they print more 5-color support and payoff immediately after. In fact it seems like they're doing exactly the same with the A+B approach to the five-color fixing.

For: The 5-color deck. Timeless Lotus and Two-Headed hellkite goes into Level 2. I am not sure about Jenson yet.

I am not sure how I feel about bringing in a Selesnya card for the 5-color deck. The card is very, very good for that specific deck but it suddenly make the 5-color deck a deck that requires green and white mana which wasn't the point. I'm in the Think Tank on this one.

Shout-out to the Basic lands that are so beautiful this set.
Shout-out to all the monocolored cards with an off-color kicker that are so cool, yet not for my cube.
Big, huge, huge, big, big big shout-out to the stained glass style treatment they have given the frame this time around. What a masterpiece of art.
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Will find ways to include

Mostly just a rehash of the spoiler thread considering I got most of the spoilers so early.
Leyline Binding, Shadow Prophecy and Llanowar Greenwidow gives me more open-ended incentives to splash, which gives interesting tension in mana bases and improves the desirability of dual-lands in undrafted color-pairs.
Founding the Third Path and The Elder Dragon War provide type diversity and have fun play patterns with Kor Skyfisher effects.
Cult Conscript is a marginal improvement on the 2/1 recursive lion.
Twinferno is a fun burst card.

Under consideration

Overall an alright set. I would've like a few more sagas and domain cards
Only a handful of additions for me, but I'm a fan of each of these designs:

Aether Channeler is just the do-it-all 2022 version of Man-O'-War. I love that you have game no matter which mode you choose, it lets you attack on many different axes, and it's at a perfect spot of the curve to go right into something like Telportation Circle or Thassa, Deep-Dwelling. You need these type of glue cards all throughout the cube to make archetypes come together, and Channeler looks to be one that will stick around for the long haul for me.

Red got a ton of goodies this set! I see Radha's Firebrand as another copy of Earthshaker Khenra without the Eternalize baggage and awkwardness. I'll be running both of them because the Goblin Heelcutter like ability to take a defender out of combat is so key for aggressive decks to apply pressure. Being able to grow and threaten an even bigger blocker as the game progresses is huge game for me with most of my aggressive decks being two-color in the first place. 3/1 is a good size, pseudo evasion helps push damage, and it's a human to boot. As for the newest Squee, I really like Rabblemaster variant with additional play later in the game via Escape clause. Just a really clean looking design and easy to understand for drafters, haste is relevant in sequencing plays to push through damage if there is an opening, and experience with Phoenix of Ash has proven to me just powerful being able to flashback an aggressive body late can be. Being able to get rid of the ugly Meld reminder text by replacing Hanweir Garrison is going to be great. Finally I touched upon it at the start of this thread, but I really like the clean design of Shivan Devastator. I love simplicity that allows for scalability across various archetypes and sequencing decision. Not the most exciting, but it's just clean and will get the job done.

Quirion Beastcaller with be just a direct swap with Dragonsguard Elite. I like the gameplay of a creature that can scale with counters off its own triggers, but Elite just felt a little clunky looking for things that most G/x decks don't tend to rely upon in my cube. Beastcaller scaling with creatures and introducing gameplay decision points with trades that might be disadvantageous for the defender is exactly what I love seeing.

And my last add is just a straight swap of Sulfurous Springs for the trash that was Lavaclaw Reaches. I can finally have a nice version of a land that fits in much better with my R/B offerings. My ideal is actually adding a Horizon Land for R/B eventually in the future, but this will absolutely work for now. I kind of just kept it in for a while due to wanting some sort of R/B land that might make sense. Hey, maybe it'll end up attacking for damage! Maybe it's not as bad as it looks!

Nah that was false. Burn in hell Lavaclaw; you always sucked.
testing eventually:
Cut Down
Drag to the Bottom
Leyline Binding
Mana Cannons

some nice removal and one cool 5c pile engine in this set for me.
definitely liked a lot of the designs, even if i’m not running a lot of them due to not being broken enough. got some good ideas for future customs for sure. and good Jaya arts!
Jeskai Cube Includes:

Most of these cards I just don't have a direct replacement for. The exception is Serra Paragon, which I really like in concept but is just one big wall of text. I hope a cleaner version of this effect will come along sometime in the future.
A nice set with a lot of hits and near-misses. Wouldn't be surprised to see a few "maybes" creeping into the main cube sometime this year :)

Resolute Reinforcements is an interesting alternative to Raise the Alarm for token/go-wide decks that exchanges spells matter for blink/recursion benefits. This is likely to be an advantage in my cube but may still not be good enough.

Aether Channeler will be a flexible target for blink decks. Haughty Djinn (which I keep misreading as Naughty Djinn) may not be much better than other spells matter cards, but I like that it is both payoff and enabler, and 4 toughness provides useful resilience.

Cult Conscript signals its role in sacrifice decks, and not being a zombie shouldn’t be too much of an issue for me. The Raven man is a cheap addition for discard and token decks, and I like how it can trigger itself.

The Elder Dragon War is one of the most intriguing cards in the set for me. Controlling decks can read from the beginning with a powerful effect against go-wide decks, but skip it if it not relevant. Chapter 2 is very open-ended, supporting discard, graveyard and card draw payoffs, or simply digging for useful cards in the later game. The final chapter gives an efficiently costed flier that could be relevant in any deck, but how long are you willing to wait for it? Phoenix Chick gives some resilience in decks that can achieve battalion. Squee is a possible alternative for one of the other Rabblemaster variants, which I like for its clean design and resilience (though it does irritate me that it has the same ability as other cards but without the keyword.

Darien is a slam dunk for me. He supports Bant counters, Abzan tokens and I was already on the lookout for another mass protection effect for Naya go-wide. The lovely stained glass artwork is a bonus.

These are cards I am slightly disappointed that I can’t justify including. Original Braids is a card that I still include, but giving my opponent choice of whether to sacrifice or let me draw is unfortunate. The Love Song has great flavour resonance, but as a card is not good enough for my cube.
Still looking things over but this is close..

Main Cube:

Really excited for pretty much all of these. I can't wait to get someone with Sleeper though. :marofl:

For the artifact cube:

The Reaver Cleaver looks insane..I do not think it would be very much fun in either environment but I test one out. I took out Embercleave after one game(?) lol. Too much. Meteorite has better art now! Astor is like a dream come true--almost pinching myself this card is real.
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Oh right, I forgot all about the supplemental sets this time around. Doesn't seem to actually be anything exciting there though, Moira, Urborg Haunt is kind of neat as an aggro-sac hybrid something, but probably too unreliable. Shame she doesn't work with discarded/milled cards. The Mana Rig is kind of funny as an incentive to draft multicolored cards, but I don't think I care to playtest it and confirm my suspicions that it's too slow.
For my 1vs1 cube I am adding

The Raven Man is a great card for the new discard matters toys. Human, evasive tokens, mana sink it's quite the package!

Aether Channeler is just a very rounded card, does everything Blue wants.

The Spider hits hard and gives Green some more toys for GY synergies. 4/3 trample and single Green pip are great stats to have.

The saga seems really interesting to play with. You can control the board, card filter/fill the GY or speed to a big dragon depending on the situation. It's playable in all theatres of decks IMO which makes it a good inclusion.

Squee is a Rabblemaster with haste and recursion. Enough said!

Finally, Cut Down offers a lot of oomph for a single mana, at instant speed.

Have to check if these actually fit into the cube, but they sure caught my attention. Probably forgot a few too.

Runic Shot
Serra Paragon
Haughty Djinn
Shadow Prophecy
Braids, Arisen Nightmare
Electrostatic Infantry
Shivan Devastator
Phoenix Chick
Jaya, Fiery Negotiator
Quirion Beastcaller
Urborg Lhurgoyf
Vohar, Vodalian Desecrator

Exciting set overall with a ton of amazing cards just under my power level.
Exciting set! I didn't come into this expecting another busted expansion like MID or NEO, both of which still have over 20 cards a pop in my 720 list, but 10 additions is nothing to sneeze at. Great flavor, my personal pick for the most beautiful basic lands on average to date (that are all evocative of the flavor and story on top of their aesthetics!), and a thrilling storyline that gives us a meaningful the form of arguably my favorite MtG character.

I will always love you.

But let's not waste time! Onto my includes for DOMINARIA UNITED:

Serra Paragon in for Death or Glory
I mentioned it in the other thread, but Serra Paragon would be the perfect card if it didn't have the exile clause attached. What's the potential for abuse here, really? Who's going to be looping Fulminator Mage every turn? It just makes the card wordier, harder to grok, and presents annoying memory issues. That said, Mommy Lurrus is a delight. It's a powerful engine, but it's fair: giving you previously unseen flexibility in white reanimation (3MV instead of 2? LANDS?!) while still slow enough to not be oppressive. Beautiful card.

The only way I wanted to add another 4 MV creatures to white, one of the three most competitive slots in cube (along with white and red's 3 MV creatures for those keeping track at home) was to get rid of an under-drafted pet card, and Death or Glory, while sweet as hell, certainly qualifies as that. Less Fact or Fiction meets Zombify and more Browbeat in the way it plays out, Death or Glory is just not up to snuff.

Aether Channeler in for Man-o'-War
The most obvious inclusion for most of us and the most obvious swap. It makes me not feel as much as a cube "curator" and more of a cube custodian when cards like this are printed, but I knew it was time for Man-o'-War to go years ago and held on out of aesthetic stubbornness ahead of gameplay value, considering that having the jelly side-by-side with Barrin, Tolarian Archmage was actually a sweet combo. It was not. Barrin's barely justifying his slot in cube, the fact that he can be a build-around card for a yet-realized self-bounce deck that is technically supported in the right circumstances is one of the bigger factors keeping him around.

Aether Channeler's merits are obvious, and you could get rid of any one of his abilities, even half of his "target permanent" bounce ability, and he'd be just as solid of an upgrade here. Wow.

Cult Conscript in for Agonizing Remorse
Need to find a better cut for this, but Agonizing Remorse has not been hitting maindecks lately. Not much to say about Cult Conscript other than I will take as many high-quality recursive aggro creatures as I can fit, and this is one of the easiest to recur of the current suite of black 1-drops.

The Raven Man in for Hive of the Eye Tyrant
My favorite card of the set! The Raven Man makes a new deck out of the "discard" deck, loves all the looting support and "pitch a card" effects I try to pack my cube with, and maintains strong value in the late game. I really wish the tokens came for each instance of discard, but even being able to get an extra token on your opponent's turn with a Currency Converter or the like is pretty sweet. Hive of the Eye Tyrant has the power level, but hasn't seen enough interest from my drafters. I'm legitimately thinking that the D&D book style was too overwhelming/distracting when folks are just trying to read what cards do.

Cut Down in for Consuming Vapors
This one is a long time coming. Consuming Vapors is great -- too good in some ways when aggro is concerned -- but I'd like to bring down the average CMC of my cube based on my reading on these forums, and Vapors has been close to the chopping block for years now for how clunky it is. I do love the card, but I think it's much better suited to my reject cube, which is much more of a midrange grindfest.

Phoenix Chick in for Rabbit Battery
I wasn't sure what to take out for the chick, so I imagine Rabbit Battery will find its way back in before long, but Phoenix Chick is an exciting one-drop. Having an aggressive creature come back from the yard as an attack trigger for having battalion is the kind of synergy between the looting part of red and its more aggressive cohort that I've been looking for, especially in one drops. The Raging Goblin-ness of the card is well-supported by its ability to fly and miss obvious blockers / most tokens, and in an aggro environment that is increasingly reliant on equipment, this chick carries weapons real well.

Radha's Firebrand in for Mogg War Marshal
Radha's Firebrand is what I want in a three-power two-drop (which is still somewhat rare for red, especially with upside!). Kargan Intimidator was close, but having to pay mana for the effect each turn was rough, and only stopped your opponents' creatures blocking the Intimidator itself. Bloodbraid Marauder had an incredible ceiling, but was too unimpressive on turn 2. Even without her domain ability, Radha's Firebrand would be a solid inclusion, but the pump, along with the corresponding scaling of her Goblin Shortcutter effect, makes this a dangerous 2 drop for your opponent to let you keep around. Excited to play with this one.

As much as I want to support the red token strategy (and I do!), Mogg War Marshall is not the way to do it -- the ability is obtuse to misleading at first blush, and while I think it's better than the much-hyped Resolute Reinforcements from the new set for its ability to give you an additional body to sac, the War Marshall hasn't been as thrilling to my drafters as I'd have hoped.

Squee, Dubious Monarch in for Stormblood Berserker
This is more of a general red section switch-up, as I had the Berserker as a card I'd wanted to cut previously. Squee's benefits have been discussed at length here, and I'm now of the opinion he's the second best Rabblemaster variant. The escape mode is especially exciting to me as someone who wants red to be a big looting/graveyard color, and the more cards that are happy to hang out in your yard that support a variety of different decks, the more I can justify going even deeper on discard/looting effects.

King Darien XLVIII in for Katilda, Dawnhart Prime
Katilda hasn't underperformed by any means, but King Darien has much more upside and is a clear improvement to nudging Selesnya drafters in a more well-supported direction. Like I said at the leak, "Pretty good anthem effect with plenty of upsides to support the token deck in GW, while still being good for midrangey decks in a pinch. The sacrifice is gravy, I doubt it'll get used much."

Shanna, Purifying Blade didn't really replace any card directly. I was between Bant cards as the set was coming out, and Tamiyo, Field Researcher hadn't impressed for the several years she was in cube previously, so I thought I'd try out this new version of Shanna. She's cheap for a 3-color card, and reasonably strong on first read. I don't really support lifegain as a dedicated strategy at this time, but this is one hell of an incentive to start doing so, or for an especially clever drafter to treat her as a build-around with the existing incidental lifegain. Having a card that would (reasonably) inspire such a unique drafting prioritization in my current list on the back of a single card is exactly what I'd like to use my 3-color slots for, so I'm eager to see what my drafters think here.

Two-Headed Hellkite in for Paliano, the High City
Getting rid of Paliano hurts to do, and I wouldn't be surprised if my drafters reject this decision (there are players who will routinely first pick Paliano and base their colors entirely off of that, to pretty good result) but the memory issues make this unfriendly to anyone unfamiliar with it, and it's caused issues in even the draft stage more than a few times. Two-Headed Hellkite is a neat card that's a fun payoff for the 5c deck, and seems like a novel build-around for a few sessions.

I very much wanted to include Jaya, Fiery Negotiator as well, but I'm far too happy with my current suite of 3 4MV red 'walkers, and can't imagine swapping any of them out for this Jaya. The 4MV band of red and Rx gold cards is overstuffed as it is, so there's nowhere to cut for her that I was able to find. I ran Zariel, Archduke of Avernus for a touch last summer, but I already ran into these problems of overstuffing, so I know I can't just get away with it. Could this finally spell the end of my Cube Founding Father Koth of the Hammer? I can't imagine that, absolutely not. Do tell me how she plays for any of y'all though!
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Chris Taylor

You know while my actual list is small I've got thoughts about the individual cards here so maybe I should actually contribute to the community :p

I've been flirting with the idea of my drafters being paid off for...more ambitious splashes shall we say, but have been rather unsuccessful with the messaging that it isn't a full deck; my cube still doesn't have proper ramp spells or targets in it, but this I think sends the message much better than something like Golos or Field of the Dead might.

This is a card I've probably talked myself out of actually. Between the memory issues, costing so much (This is a 5, if not higher up the curve, be real) and relatively synergy heavy design for a card so expensive (That sentence ended awkwardly but I kind of want my 5/6s to stand alone better) I'm not sure I'll like it.
It is also technically bad messaging, since the play pattern this encourages is mostly a sultai deck, and the lone white card sending that message is a prime cut target.
BUT you can re-cast a planeswalker from your graveyard and I cut the only other card that let me do that so there is a chance.

I've been a huge enigma drake fan for a while now but it did always feel like it was missing something, and this has two somethings over enigma drake: fewer colors and adding mana! The second ability is less effective here than you might think, since I've engineered a lot of the spells matter air and payoffs to cost 1, but I'm sure it will help out a bit.

I'm a fan of these 1 mana counter-a-removal-spell type cards, and while this isn't technically a strict upgrade to dive down (which I was running up until this point) I think it's got legs.
It's also possible that I should just be doubling up on Slip out the Back, phasing just works so damn well.

Obv I'm not the only person excited about this card but I do want to tell the story of the 5 minutes I was running disfigure in my cube:
I'd been frustrated with fatal push/Bloodchief's Thirst more generally as my format's power outliers trended towards 3 cmc, so I'd been looking for a replacement removal spell that killed ones and twos and some threes, but not all. Portable Hole (frustrating for the same reasons) became oust, and this was spoiled to save me from ever having disfigure in against the blade splicer/Tarmogoyf/Hellrider deck or what have you.

As a brief touch here, I wanna point out that this is a card I am now considering for my enviornment after having cut it years ago for the simple reason that it was reprinted, and not because my cube abides by some arbitrary printing restriction.
Aristocrats and tokens being mainstays of my cube are mitigating factors on its power level, but maybe that's for the best.

Again, much like leyline binding above this is a nice card for encouraging aggressive splashing without signaling some 5 color ramp deck.
Also there is currently a lot of monotony in my red 2 drop slot so I welcome any interesting takers, this included.

Calling this a rabblemaster is perhaps as dubious as his cardname, but I do appreciate he's stronger the turn he comes down, unlike the somewhat backloaded play patterns of other variants.
It is probably weaker, is my gut feeling, so perhaps I should just be playing whatever Wtwlf has decided the three best are or whatever.

@Dom Harvey sold me on this mostly in combination with Haughty Djinn (above) and I think this kind of card is important to have present in my cube as something to consider, even if it isn't making every maindeck.
Fork never did it for me before, but I'm an easy sell for a good charm.

Leonin Lightscribe was inconsistent but absolutely needed to be respected in my cube while it was in, and while this is two colors instead of one, Trample and flying are nice offsets to that fact.
You can never have enough trample.

Yeah I'm interested in superbowl king as well. To anyone adding this as a "counters" card, I think counting this as such is a bit dubious, but I think the general card quality can get you there, especially if his sac ability actually stops sweepers in your environment (Notable misses: Farewell, Meathook Massacre, the new Drag to the Bottom and Temporary Lockdown, etc etc)
Indestructible really has become terrible by omission, and if you aren't paying attention that ability may do nothing.

I'll update if the rest of this episode of Dominaria's Judgement talks me into anything else.
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It is probably weaker, is my gut feeling, so perhaps I should just be playing whatever Wtwlf has decided the three best are or whatever.
—Insert obligatory anti-Wtwlf statement here–

Seriously, though, I think Wtwlf is super out of touch with Cubes beyond his own in 2022. He’s definitely less pretentious than he may have used to be but I think there are better places to find information on the power rankings of various 3-mana red creatures :)


@Dom Harvey sold me on this mostly in combination with Haughty Djinn (above) and I think this kind of card is important to have present in my cube as something to consider, even if it isn't making every maindeck.
Fork never did it for me before, but I'm an easy sell for a good charm.
Oh this is super cool, I might need to look into this!!

@Dom Harvey sold me on this mostly in combination with Haughty Djinn (above) and I think this kind of card is important to have present in my cube as something to consider, even if it isn't making every maindeck.
Fork never did it for me before, but I'm an easy sell for a good charm.

I worry this is a trap for more less hardcore/committed playgroups like mine. I adore the card, and will be picking up some for EDH, but I'm anxious to put it in my cube and then have it wallow in decks that don't know what to do with it.
I worry this is a trap for more less hardcore/committed playgroups like mine. I adore the card, and will be picking up some for EDH, but I'm anxious to put it in my cube and then have it wallow in decks that don't know what to do with it.
I mean, I'm still running Temur Battle Rage. While this doesn't grant trample (which is a huge part of what makes battle rage good) the Fork ability is nothing to sneeze at.


—Insert obligatory anti-Wtwlf statement here–

... He’s definitely less pretentious than he may have used to be
Did you know that, for the AVR set review, wtwlf ranked Griselbrand as 17th out of 20 and said it’d be a worse Reanimator target than Kokusho?

… Actually, my limited experience with wtwlf makes me think he’s good people, and the real problem is how other cube curators take his word as gospel and/or bludgeon dissenters by (mis)using wtwlf’s opinions. So I think we should reframe anti-wtwlf statements as “anti-the-cube-community-taking-wtwlf’s-opinions-as-normative” statements, haha
I worry this is a trap for more less hardcore/committed playgroups like mine. I adore the card, and will be picking up some for EDH, but I'm anxious to put it in my cube and then have it wallow in decks that don't know what to do with it.

Here is a more straightforward version of the effect maybe? Hold axe -> swing axe!

But seriously, the power-doubling ability seems like a nice build around and goes well with decks that want to give attackers double strike.
… Actually, my limited experience with wtwlf makes me think he’s good people, and the real problem is how other cube curators take his word as gospel and/or bludgeon dissenters by (mis)using wtwlf’s opinions. So I think we should reframe anti-wtwlf statements as “anti-the-cube-community-taking-wtwlf’s-opinions-as-normative” statements, haha
For sure! He's definitely gotten nicer over the years and I think he's an upstanding individual. I just don't think his Cube prescriptions are all that relevant to Cubes that have different goals than his own. Some people are good at talking about cards and archetypes in contexts other than those that they have direct experience designing. Wtwlf simply does not have that skill set.