General (DMU & DMC) Dominaria United Testing/Includes Thread


Interesting. Mishra, Claimed By Gix is a fine card that doesn't need to attack to get the trigger, but it feels like a bad Hellrider on its front side. I wouldn't be brining it up if it didn't have a backside, but I'm a little worried that the Meld because I DO adore Phyrexian Dragon Engine, on which Meld will be trinket text that may reasonably create feelbad for my players.

A 3 mana 2/2 is an OK place to start, but making it playable in any deck and opening it up for artifact synergies already gets us most of the way there. Even ignoring the many possible Welder shenanigans, by the time the red decks playing it can unearth it fairly, it's basically a Mulldrifter in your yard. And for those of you who know me, I never ignore Welder shenanigans.

The melded result is unbelievably strong, maybe too much: it doesn't feel like living the dream when the cards are a 3 drop and a 4 drop. Instead, it feels like you just randomly win the game by drawing a two-card Exodia. You can even unearth this half of it and get the flip after someone's already tried to take out the Dragon Engine once. I wish it was a little more work than that.

Ugh. Might include both, might include just the Phyrexian Dragon Engine, but leaning towards neither right now.
I mean, I ran Hanweir Garrison without the Battlements, I'll happily run the Engine without Mishra.

And then I'll probably run Mishra anyway cause a bad Hellrider is still a good enough card in my mid-power cube and I'm a sucker for legendary creatures featuring characters I like.

Then I'll sharpie out all of that meld text because it's a lot of words to read, and the back half is also a lot of words to read and I'm already asking a lot of my players just getting them to read the words that actually matter.
(Plus as much as I'll nerd out about The Brothers War and getting all the cool characters and moments from the 90s in actual playable cardboard, that back half is just an example of the parts of modern design bloat that I don't like.)
they actually went and did it

e: well this isn't the CBS thread, they really are melding