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For sure, I already have the tower in the list. Sounds like I should look to Riptide favorite Spawning Pit or something similar for a colorless sac outlet. And thanks for the reminder on the priest! It's a solid card.
Spawning Pit was in my Cube since it's very first iteration over 8 years ago, and I never even considered cutting it. Such a cool card.
A few fights for your consideration


which aggressively slanted 3 drop excites you most? No real ninja archetype, but still a decent amount of evasive creatures.

Leaning towards the Officer, but the snowball potential of the ninja is a cool dream to chase.


which blinkable value creature excites you most? Or how much of a step down is the Thresher from the Captain?
I'm honestly kinda surprised at Ranger-Cap vs. Thresher being a fight, since they belong in very different decks.

Ranger is cool because it grabs you another aggro critter or Mom or something.

Thresher wants to be in the same deck as, like, Adorned Pouncer.
I'm honestly kinda surprised at Ranger-Cap vs. Thresher being a fight, since they belong in very different decks.
You have a point for a "normal" environment, but I was thinking in the context of my multiplayer cube, where aggro decks aren't really a thing. It's more of a fast midrange than anything else.

In that context, the importance IMO, is having some staying power and both cards give you a card back. The appeal of the Thresher to me is some random build around synergies (Ephemerate, Imotekh, the Stormlord, Breya's Apprentice, Scale Up),.
The Ranger-Captain is just good by itself with a bigger body on 3 mana and the ability to get some very powerful "1 drops" (Shivan Devastator, Walking Ballista, Hexdrinker, ...).

I do see your point though. I guess I just want to fit Thresher in there and there might just be a better cut!
Blue in my cube is the main control color.
It has a heavy spells theme that can be drafted mono blue easily.
It plays it big role for madness, selfmill and blink decks.
There are some ninjas and tempo elements too.

Including that information, but also in general, which two of these do you like the best?

+ a classic, draws cards, every deck can play it
- doesn't really work with any themes
+ super sweet madness or selfmill payoff, great original art
- can lead to uninteractive board states, maybe a little too good for my cube
+ sweet to search for a sweeper than draw three in control, has a high ceiling
- just a middling blink gal if you can't trigger the second ability
I'd go with Magpie, honestly.

Well, actually I'd go with Wonder as a finisher for graveyard decks, but it sounds like you're not interested in that.
Magpie and Inga are my top two. Wonder is either really good or really mediocre--if you wouldn't play Levitation because you think it has poor play patterns, don't play Wonder. Because it's a free Levitation.

Notably I don't know if I'm in love with Inga. That's a tough death trigger to set up, especially when it's out in the open, but the payoff is certainly kind of there. Four mana to draw three cards next turn can be okay, it just seems really rough to get that with any sort of consistency.
While I agree with Zoss's sentiments, for me it's Magpie and Wonder, and I'd be giving Magpie the side-eye.
That said, Magpie and Inga are closer in power level - I just like Wonder for it's ability to end a game.

Have you looked at some of the Morningtide evoke creatures like Nevermaker? They're pretty cute with Ninjas.

I currently run the Clever Impersonator, and it and Phyrexian Metamorph (and Cackling Counterpart/Quasiduplicate) are primarily drafted/maindecked to copy the following (In descending order of prevalence):

- A Merfolk lord (Like ~60% of maindeck clones go in Fish, and the necessary density of lords'n'clones in that deck is why I'm after a 4th)
- Proteus Staff or a creature cheated out with Proteus Staff
- A cost reducer like Goblin Electromancer in Sentinel Tower/Aetherflux Reservoir decks (Mostly P. Metamorph and Quasiduplicate, the cost difference is real)

The primary targets in actual games are (In descending order of prevalence)
- A Merfolk lord
- Whatever BS the opponent just cheated into play
- Whatever decent midrange threat the opponent just cast
- Proteus Staff/literally whatever so we can start to use Proteus Staff
- A decent blocker or cost reducer in Storm

The only planeswalkers I run are the Origins flipwalkers (With Garruk Relentless over Nissa, Vastwood Seer) and Saheeli, Sublime Artificer, so Clever Impersonator doesn't really have that mode as an upside over the new Metamorph. It has copied opposing creatures a whole bunch in the Proteus Staff deck, so that's a major upside - but Hulking Metamorph is a better hit off the staff and is still a castable-ish starting creature if push comes to shove. Impersonator has copied an opponent's Shark Typhoon and once an opponents Astral Slide which were neat I guess, but it's more often been a dud polymorph hit.

Mythos of Illuna gets all the upsides of Impersonator, is never a dud hit off Proteus Staff, and easily has the best art, but if it copies a creature it dies to Astral Slide/other flicker effects (Eh, so do the Counterpart and Quasiduplicate and they perform just fine) and I don't really like the {R}{G} trinket text even though there's enough fixing in my format to have it get used (it's mostly a Fish card that also supports Polymorph, and neither of those produce {R}{G} reliably so it might lead people to skip over it in the decks that want it, or pick it up for decks it's not great in).

If most of the time you will be copying a merfolk lord (which generally costs 2 mana), maybe the 3 drop clone is where you want to be for curve out purposes?
Even though it’s a flexible inclusion, the fact that it’s restricted to your own creatures increases the likelihood that the fish player gets it.
Since you already have 2 sorceries that clone, I think I would avoid the Mythos (or swap one out for it because it’s sweet to copy any permanent).
Mythos of Illuna is decent in midrange/WOTC-cube land where you can copy ANYTHING, even a Field or a walker, and sometimes also blow something up with the fight rider
Mythos also pairs in a really cute way with Esika's chariot if you run it, or really any other token cloning effects. Out of those three options its certainly the one that excites me the most
Obligatory pedantic note that cloning Esika's Chariot is less good than you think it is because it's legendary. The combo still works, just not as well as one might hope.

Edit: i dont majick good

I still prefer either Mythos or Glasspool Mimic and am on the latter. 3 is a lot less than 4, etc., etc.
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I remember when I was younger Aeon Chronicler was a great card that was also played in powermax cubes, and I wanted to include it in my cube that's a bit nostalgic and has some synergies based on suspend and storm (not the kind of "one-shot tendrils" storm, more the kind of "3 spells in a turn + 8 goblins with etw" storm). The power level of my cube isn't high so I thought it would be a nice addition. One of my friend just told me that the card sucks and it's just a "bad Mind Spring". I never thought of it that way but now I'm reconsidering and maybe I should just add Mind Spring, or even Ancestral Vision. What are your opinions on the Chronicler?