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Yes, exactly. MaRo has used that term for the four premier sets from summer to spring, and I just happened to have started with 9th Edition, which was followed up by RAV block.

This was good enough to be in a World Championship Deck. In 1998.

I've just found this out accidentally today while watching a video on the history of WU control.
I guess Sandstalker is the best of the bunch. I'll try it with to copies of it and then maybe the other Viashino and fill it up with spells and the non-aggressive stuff like Orcish Artillery.

Both produce 1/1 artifact tokens. Saheeli costs more, but has the more flexible mana cost. Iconoclast beats down, Saheeli has a somewhat useful ability.

Which is better?
If there is a realistic chance, that Saheeli is played in a nonblue and in a nonred deck, I'd go with her. Otherwise it would feel more adequat to use the – probably slightly stronger – gold card for this effect.
If you do occasionals, I'd recommending mainboarding one and having the other as an occasional. Saheeli seems like the more interactive game piece to me in the sense that you have to actively defend her despite her having a much higher "life total" than the iconoclast (i.e. there are more granular game states with Saheeli whereas the iconoclast is just Alive or Dead), so I'd start with her. This is power level agnostic, though, and I think that has to be the primary concern.
Actually gonna chime in with a different take where if you had to get rid of one of the three, I'd keep Iconoclast and the big Saheeli (assuming this is the Brother's War card?) and cut 3 mana Saheeli. Ideally you'd just keep all three in the cube, but if space is at a premium I prefer the options that have a bigger impact in the long run. Iconoclast is just more efficient and bigger Saheeli can just grind games effectively without running away with them (which is exactly where I like walkers to be).

I ran 3 mana Saheeli from release until my most recent cube update and it's always been alright, but 3 mana is a weird spot for a set-up card like that unless you can immediately cash in the body ala curve into Daretti, Scrap Savant and Trash for Treasure a legit creature. The -2 is great if you have a relevant target, but sometimes you just end up in the awkward spot where you can't really curve out correctly. Late game in a stall it's pretty sweet, but often times it's been a winmore option and otherwise middling to straight up ignored in my games over the years. YMMV depending on power level, but it's only been alright for me.

I'll probably bring it back at some point due to the hybrid flexibility, but as of right now Iconoclast has already done a better job at 1 mana cheaper for the primary function of making bodies and promoting proactive gameplay. It has slotted more easily into both spellslinger and artifact builds as most impact cards are at 3 mana, usually gets in for 2-4 damage over a game, and it's small enough that it can be dealt with rather easily.
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These two cards fulfill different roles, but I'm wondering which of these has been working out better for those who have run them. Pyromancer is a neat way to churn through a stall and gives you a way to pitch cards into the grave if that's something your deck is interested in. I've definitely used it in an R/x deck before just to pitch (mostly) useless lands later in the game to try and draw into burn to close out the game. It's been a fine roleplayer for the most part and being able to turn it into a kill spell to clear a blocker has been relevant every now and then. Human subtype is always appreciated for Champion of the Parish and Thalia's Lieutenant interactions as well. It's just a nice clean design.

I gave Adversary a run for a bit but shelved it till now as I had other options to try out. It plays fine with the base mode passable in an aggressive shell and the Snapcaster impression being quite useful in the late game if you can recur a Char or Exquisite Firecraft. There is also a non-zero amount of vampires in my cube nowadays to give Falkenrath Pit Fighter a little extra game to it and this also plays well in a R/W Winota, Joiner of Forces deck. I can see positives for both cards, but I really like my red two drop slot at the moment and wanted to see which of these seem better in the long run (which is probably just till next set with how often we get cards nowadays).
Adversary is definitely more powerful and more aggressive. i've played it in constructed and always been impressed.
tried dismissive in a lower power version of my cube and it is just a do nothing durdle card IMO. didnt cut it even when i was running wacky crap and going up to 8 on mana curves.

i kinda feel like red is not hurting for 2-drops at all though, we've seen many many good creatures at this slot in the last 10 years, most of them aimed at stompy or spells archetypes. Are you looking to cut one or both? or add one or the other to the slot?
I have Pyromancer in the flex slot for red, I'm debating whether or not to make a swap to another 2 drop or just replace it with something like a Lightning Strike variant as I don't really run any at the moment.
Yeah, I haven't played much Limited in the last year so I didn't realize that it was reprinted with better Jaya art compared to the previous 2 printings. But I think I'm going to go with this one from a recent SLD:


I'm finding myself more partial to the full art cards nowadays (they look great in real life) and this has that old school style reminding me of cards from the 90s. Also a clean centered text box is always a plus.

These two cards fulfill different roles, but I'm wondering which of these has been working out better for those who have run them.

I'm the only one in my playgroup who both drafted and played either of them. They'd be 25th cards even in on-color on-theme sideboards.

Adversary is powerful enough that this shouldn't have been the case, but the fact that it was neglected for more obvious cards...well, I guess it is a lot of text.