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I habe to admit, that I never gave this one here really a chance:

Despite my low power level, a 4-mana do nothing artifact just seemed really ... weak. But if there is a place on the internet where people can convince someone to cube Trading Post, it is here. So, convince me, friends!


Ecstatic Orb
I run it! It's cute, and every now and then it will win you a match that you would have otherwise lost. 5 mana (in installments) before you get an effect is kinda expensive, but...

The first ability synergizes with discard matters / value reanimator.
The second ability is a single use per turn Forcefield, which is still good at helping you survive, plus it creates sacrifice fodder.
The third ability returns all kinds of exciting things in the right cube.
The fourth ability is exchanging resources, and especially good in a cube that can create artifact tokens of the food and treasure variety.

The nicest interaction in my opinion is with artifact creatures. I have, in actual play, sacrificed a value artifact creature with an etb effect that was about to die to return a Sharuum the Hegemon to my hand, which I could than use to return the sacrificed artifact creature for another etb trigger. So much value! :)

Word of warning, this only works in formats that are on the slow side, or where your value decks have the tools to slow down the game.

Chris Taylor

It would be cool if Booster Tutor was part of a cycle.

White Booster Tutor {1}{W}
Creature - Kor Wizard
When ~ enters the battlefield, open a sealed magic booster. Chose a card with mana value 3 or less, reveal it and put it into your hand

Blue Booster Tutor {U}
Open a sealed magic booster. Chose a noncreature card, reveal it and put it into your hand. Scry 1.

Red Booster Tutor {R}
Open a sealed magic booster. Chose two cards from it and put these into your hand. Then discard a card at random.

Green Booster Tutor {1}{G}
Creature - Elf Shaman
When ~ enters the battlefield, open a sealed magic booster. Chose a permanent card from it, reveal it and put it into your hand.
I need to make these YESTERDAY

To be completely honest, I've never seen it really justify itself in gameplay, despite starting out with an even lower power level than I run now. Back then, it just looked completely silly next to Tinker and Welder (which were admittedly way too strong for that list), and now, I think it still gets outclassed by Goblin Engineer and Daretti. I know grillo and alfonzo have been running it for years, so maybe I've just had bad luck every time I got it out, but paying 5 mana and discarding a card for 4 life, or paying 5 mana and a life for a 0/1 goat, seem like an objectively bad place to be in pretty much any format.

If you're just trying to survive by chumping or gaining inconsequential amounts of life, Moment's Peace is more thorough and doesn't require you to tap out for a turn. For sacrifice shenanigans, there's Fain, the Broker on a 3/3 stick for less mana and no activation cost. After finally cutting the post, I don't think it will ever find a way back in.
Trading Post is a pet card but i will probably never cube with it again, it’s not even really good in EDH anymore. if you have a million mana and the ingredients to do cute loops with it, great, but you just don’t, ever. if it cost 2 for initial cast, MAYBE worth a look, but the upfront investment is crazy high for something that needs multiple turns to generate a card or two of value.
EDIT; if you like the concept but want something at a good rate, Retrofitter Foundry is probably what you’re looking for
I love the trading post, it's an interesting card with a lot of interactions but your cube has to care about those. If you care about discarding things, putting things into the graveyard, having creatures to sacrifice, sacrifice triggers, and artifacts that do things when they die, enter the battlefield or are sacrificed, then you should be interested in the post. You probably have to do all of those things, and be slow enough to take advantage of it, and not have obvious better ways to generate value. That's probably why there's such discrepancy of opinion.
Hm, I do have strong sacrifice, discard and artifact themes. And lifegain even. I'm convinced, I'll give it a fair chance.

Fain being far too pushed for my environment also helps :D
For what it's worth, my drafters resented trading post in the penny pincer cube so much that I removed it. The 4 life each turn can get pretty annoying in low (low) power and/or slow formats.
Card is solidly okay - I don't think it's bad by any means in a lower power format, but there's definitely a chance it just gets steamrolled by more efficient value engines

I would have thought there'd be more cards the Daredevil could go infin-ish with, but I think this is it. Still probably costs too much, but I think it could work without too much trouble in a cube that's both heavy on artifacts and discard. Could do work with Desecrated Tomb, but that's getting into EDH territory.
I was close to testing this girls, but black 4-drops are probably the most contested slot for me in my cube. I'm tempted by the potential to further link graveyard and artifact themes.

However, I am now cubing this card, which probably wouldn't be a good choice fornmy cubes but fits mine very well.

It not only goes "infinite-ish" with the before mentioned Tradingpost, but does the same good things for lifegain instead of artifacts.

Cool about both of these is, that they can go in decks beyond their color identity. Imagine a {W/U} deck with a bunch of looting effects and artifacts/lifegain triggers.
yeah, i had it in at lower power, but for 3 mana i can get a LOT more with less effort than a couple bats. a sword of X&Y for example.
that said, if someone is considering a retail level Loreholdy archetype, a scavenge/delve theme with the lower power delve critters, or some value engines like Genesis or Diabolic Servitude, this would be sick tech.
Is anybody still playing

Got a bit of buzz, and now not seeing it in many (any) people's list? Juice not worth the squeeze?

I was very interested in this card when it first spoiled, but I have never tested it.

To oversimplify it's a 3 mana do-nothing. You slot it in to take advantage of things a deck is already doing, because it needs other cards to have value as it neither immediately impact the board nor does is mechanically enable anything itself. Due to the fact that it does not stand on its own in any way, it feels difficult to draft/build around. I would need a card like this to be more if it triggered for each creature that leaves the graveyard at once. Or if it was stapled to a creature? Great. Or if it had a built in mill effect. As is, it's just a little too awkward for my needs, and irks some design quirks I have.
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Chris Taylor

The issue for me was actually in how it was giving the value:
For this thing to work, it needs a lot of individual cards leaving your graveyard. Elixir of Immortality doesn't work, Living Death doesn't work, etc.

There's a few times when this can happen, but the simplest are:
-Scavenging ooze, who doesn't need the help
-Tortured Existence (Okay this is cool but tomb is bad in the other circumstances)
-and Gravecrawler loops

With crawler loops, I don't need a payoff that only triggers when my whole engine is rolling.

Goblin bombardment is fine when you don't have the recursion in place
Blood Artist is fine with just regular creature gameplay

But for tomb to work you need crawler, a sac outlet, and the 2nd zombie, which should be enough to win anyways

Arguably you could play this as "Staple a bat to all your raise deads", but you can only play so many raise deads
There are TONS of cards that would make the tomb great, I think it would be sweet in my environment. Why didn't I ever add it then? Wenn, i disliked how it would probably play like it cost {2}{B/G}. I don't really think a deck within the jeskai spectrum would be able to use this, and I'd like my artifacts to work with 4-5 colors.

I also try to avoid the heinous m15 rare frame as much as possible.
what’s wrong with the m15 frame? is it the anti counterfeit doodad?

So much, don't get me started. Few things get me as emotional as the worst possible card frame in existence. Aesthetically.

It massively lacks color, the thin border doesn't frame the card well, it feels weirdly topheavy thanks to the bland black bottom, it combines like a dozen different round shapes, it doesn't evokes no fantasy feeling at all, you can see on every part that the frame wasn't created, but a (d)evolution of existing things.

They can create beautiful frames, as showcase versions like Eldraine have shown us, but instead they decided to turn their 2003 frame, which wasn't great bit good, into this aberration.

It speaks volumes about my love for the game that I am still playing despite having my eyes hurt whenever I look too closely at new cards.