Card/Deck Low Power Card Spotlight

Honestly, I think it's pretty alright in a low-power cube. It wouldn't be my first choice, but it's a cantrip that you can play as a 3/3 flyer from your graveyard.
Pirate guns and Cowboys guns are a fundamentally different vibe. I cannot picture a Pirate in a situation where Big Iron is playing and actually making sense. Unless a Cowboy is also there.



Ecstatic Orb
number of guns present in those pictures: ~0
So? There are also 0 cowboys in MtG! There are however 6 deadeye pirates in MtG, and four of them wear hats! Once guns gets introduced to Ixalan, I'm confident the number of hat-bearing, gun-toting, pirate deadeyes can only go up! :D

After playing it in NEO drafts, I am excited for this. A three mana 3/3 that mills you is exactly what those grindy dredge decks want to not get run over while starting their engines. But this has also potential in control decks. In (anticipated) long games, you can use this to mill them and then restock your library with gas while also having a decent blocker.
I've never seen this one in any cube, despite being what seems like to be a awesome top end.

I do even have a mono color theme and the mono or heavy green decks are usually ramping quite a bit. I think this would easily draw 3-4 cards on average.

The question is, is this what you want from your 7-drop? I have a tendency to like cards that prefer drawing your whole deck instead of beating your opponent