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I could see Grim Discovery + Prismatic Vistas being worth it if Bx Domain/Landfall is a thing in your cube. :p

More seriously... Regrowth effects kinda suck unless your format has ways to abuse them. Like, theoretically there's a format where casting Regrowth to get back your Brushwagg is a good play¹, but it really wants to be looping Shigeki or "protecting" a key combo piece.

¹ This is theoretical because it assumes that there's a format where villain can put your Brushwagg into your graveyard while you're still alive.

EDIT: The environment that Grim Discovery wants to be in is one that's full of channeling/cycling. Like, Grim Discovery in a deck with Drake Haven and a bunch of cycling creatures/lands sounds like it could be grindy fun.
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Chris Taylor

I mean if Grillo taught us anything you need a really slow enviornment and some intentional design choices for multi-regrowth spells to be a great choice.
Card draw needs to be a good idea, in the first place (looking at my cube, there's very little in the way of like, tidings style effects and a lot more card-per-turn style effects, mostly in the form of planeswalkers, not even to mention virtual card a turn cards like bitterblossom and co).

I think a lot of fire design/higher rarity/big game style stuff fights against cards like this being good, so if you're just adding sweet cards to your cube over time, most of those cards probably aren't pushing in that direction unless you're taking a lot of care.
On the topic of environments that are full of discard-triggers and are glacially slow:

Easy to overlook, as the "red do-nothing enchantment" slot is pretty crowded in the discard-matters area - Molten Vortex, Lightning Rift, Seismic Assault, Curse of Chaos, or if you're crazy, Unpredictable Cyclone

It just has so many neat synergies - my favorite is Best Girl, but P1P1 is also pretty deece.
Plus if you also run Lightning Rift, you get to make your own uncounterable cantripping Burn! It's almost like you're running the good enchantments!

Jason Waddell

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That card seems delightful in a fairly low-powered format even that doesn't have a ton of legends. It provides for drafters a little quest that they can fulfill, where if they grab one or two Legends they have a sweet value 5 drop. It might even inspire a sweet toolbox deck once or twice in its time in the cube. I'm on board to try it. White 5's are a dense slot, but I think it's worth a few drafts.
So this username from 2016 is just a coincidence or what?
It has been a feature of many a kitchen table deck in my original playgroup.
If it had been a 2/2 it would be a pretty sweet hit off Cascade, and have some cool things to do with Riftbolt/Snap. Sadly, too small to do much of anything even it the jankiest of casual games.

I've had this combo in my cube for some time, but it never came together. Now I've reduced my cube's size quite a bit and now I am ... worried that it will come up. Can anyone share their experiences? Is it just miserable inevitablity? Or is it fair game at a lower power level?

I've had this combo in my cube for some time, but it never came together. Now I've reduced my cube's size quite a bit and now I am ... worried that it will come up. Can anyone share their experiences? Is it just miserable inevitablity? Or is it fair game at a lower power level?
I guess it is powerful, but fair? It becomes w: create a 1/1.
Maybe it is too powerful. I would pick a deck from your new cube and see how it fares against this combo. If it wins half, then it is okay.
Monument cost 3, adds nothing to the board
I have a constructed deck with that combo in it.

And it's... fine? It gives you inevitability in the late game, sure, but it's not like Pack Rat where it is straight-up better than anything else you might want to do after a certain point.
The key differences between Sprout Swarm and Skyfisher Monument are that Skyfisher Monument requires two cards (which means that it's less consistent) and that Skyfisher Monument is way easier to disrupt, either with instant-speed creature removal or by removing the big lump sitting on the battlefield.

Anvil + Stockpile + Ronin is similar, but way harder to assemble.
For me there are two factors to take into account:

1. How often do you draft? If you draft often, then even if the combo brings about some non-games it's not a big deal, better luck next time.

2. Do you run some redundancy (Enlightened Tutor, Whitemane Lion)? If you do not, the combo won't appear very often, so not a huge problem if the individual cards are worth it.
Well, I do have some redundancy in Enlightened Tutor and kinda Emancipation Angel. But my main concern, which I think I haven't made clear enough, isn't power level, but fun. Is it miserable to lose to that? Or does it add a fun new dimension to a cube which otherwise doesn't involve anything resembling a combo?
Tell me if this card is in the right thread

I remember cutting this thing like 4 years ago because it felt a little too oppressive, once you got it going. But now I am looking for a cool midrange equipment that can help closing out a game and this one I still like the best among those I am not already running. So, I wanted to ask: What do people think of this card today in lower powered environments?
My playgroup likes equipment way too much so they would get excited by this card and lose because they got blown out twice with it in the same game.

And then do it again.

It ended up feeling like a trap, so I took it out.