Article [M14] Lifebane Zombie

Eric Chan

Hyalopterous Lemure
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Arrrrgh. I thought it was exile any white or green card in the opponent's hand, and so I assumed the card was totally bonkers. Only affecting creatures dampens my excitement for its relevance in cube. Note to self: RTFC!


it's obviously a strong card that will be enormous in standard if not also elsewhere. since i hate protection, this might be the kind of mild color-hosing effect i'm looking for (though realistically it's not that mild. this card is nuts)

worth a try i think

that merfolk is also bonkers, thank you wizards for keeping mono-blue bear aggro a thing in legacy
I like the design of these new colour hosers a whole lot more than just slapping protection on middling creatures.
I'm not sold on the 3/1 fear for 3 when your opponent isn't in at green or white. It feels subpar enough to be one of the random hosers, which can swing one matchup, but do nothing against the rest. I'm interested in seeing how he plays though.

Edit: This is mainly for cube, I think he'll see play in standard

I've never been a big fan of color hosers. I am happy about them being on already-playable bodies so that you don't feel like an idiot for maindecking them, though.


zombie will be huge in standard. actually every deck plays some amount of g/w creatures and i imagine this will continue to be true with standard's finest creature since stoneforge mystic coming in within a week