General Secret Lair Spoilers

How does the secret lair thread not have the hottest drop of 2021 yet?

What a cool idea! And no better product to do it in than ‘Secret’ Lair.

I wonder how many people will now peel off their foiling on other Secret Lair cards…
Please welcome the most milquetoast Secret Lair to date -- the League of Legends cards. Here's the spells one (still waiting for 3 cards currently), and below are the basic lands:


I like these a lot, though having not played League or seen the new Netflix could tell me these are just a normal Magic expansion and I'd believe you.

I'd like the frame effect, as it looks good on each individual one, but I prefer each color have its own aesthetic in frame patterns in a perfect world. I do want to grab these for my Basics box -- at least the Bant colors -- but I imagine they'll be far too expensive for me to justify considering them seriously, when they look too much like standard lands otherwise.

I'm happy they're doing spells in the Godzilla/Dracula style here, as this is my preferred way of representing cards from other franchises, but they seem really...simple? Again, I can't imagine even a LoL fan immediately being able to identify them as a crossover. For the sake of the fans, I'm hoping they get a good legendary creature at least.


Ecstatic Orb
I really, really like the art on these basic lands. Very pretty! The Forest, especially, is a thing of beauty. Obviously they're foil and in limited supply, so boo anyway ;)

Chris Taylor

These are cool concepts, but I feel like it's gone too far. These are so foreign looking and they're pushing the appearance further from MtG cards as time goes on.
Yeah I don't love em either.
Love to seem them going out there with weird shit like this though. Something is gonna knock my socks off, even if it's not this one
I like these a lot, though having not played League or seen the new Netflix show
Show is alright, even if you don't play league (I don't). I had some mates over and we watched it, show is fuckin beautiful.
They wanted my opinion specifically as someone who had no idea who these people were, since I wouldn't know where the story was going. I kept on asking if character X was a hero in game :p

Like IDK if you know Fate, but if you've seen a clip of Unlimited Blade Works (AKA Unlimited Budget Works), I get the same feeling here. Riot has more money than God, and it's been put to good use.
I very much am part of the anime world, that's a good comparison. Will try it out this weekend!

Full spoiler's out. Not sure if I love or hate the new snow lands but I'm leaning towards love for sure.


Still a big fan of the Dracula lands, and just like with the Godzilla set before it, I'm sure the mountain will end up in my short list of favorites, even if I typically tend to not prefer to use/have full art lands.


So if I'm being a fool, I'll get all three of the land sets (these two, plus the Arcane one above)...that's $10 short of free shipping, so it'll technically only cost me like $15 to get a 4th set. Not really a fan of any of the rest, though -- except maybe the Dracula one just for aesthetics? There's not much in terms of cards I cube with where I prefer this art to the original. The "Where's Waldo" but with Fblthp is pretty funny, but the only card there I run/would run is Shelldock Isle and I wouldn't want to replace that art so...maybe I'll get the best value one to flip it. The Fabricate art is spectacular, though.

NEW SUPERDROP!!! (I don't know why I sound so excited, I'm only moderately excited here).


Love these. Don't love spending $30 on each land drop, but I also want to own every mountain ever printed and do want these all in my ever-growing cube box, so sure, let's do it.

Don't run any of these in my cube except Swords to Plowshares, and while I like the art here quite a bit, I'm happy with the Ice Age version. I'm running out of old-border cards enough as is!


Don't run any of these 'walkers, and the style's not for me. Borderless is a net negative to me in terms of readability and uniformity, but not so much so that I wouldn't run any of these if I were interested.



Gorgeous art though, would pick up the Shelldock Isle if it were in a language my players could read.

Nice combo of 1) don't run any of these and 2) don't like the aesthetic here. I'd be more OK with the BRIGHT YELLOW if the cards were more clearly the colors they are.


Art is super cool, but I prefer the original printing of Eidolon and Kira personally. Happy to see my boy Hokori get some love!


Again, like the art, but only run Bribery and I'm plenty happy with the art on that one.

Cool drop overall, will only be getting the lands and the Street Fighter ones.
OH this is actually a good magic card. I will probably be picking one of these up once the Magic flavored version of this card drops.
As (lots AND LOTS) of time goes by, I am beginning to doubt this is ever actually going to happen.

In other news, I picked up a Hawkins National Laboratory for the artifact cube today and looking forward to it! One interesting thing about this card...if you flip it over, if you have no creatures in GY, it never flips back and you are..."Stuck in the Upside Down"!! Fun flavor but not too getting stuck w/a always-painland. Looking forward to trying it out.
I found the "The Stranger Thing" MTG universe implementation interesting: set in Innistrad & tie-in to stranger things cards through collectors number!
All the card art is too big to let me upload here without doing too much work for the middle of the workday, but I did go through the effort for the Magali Villeneuve set, which I think is exceptional. Definitely looking to include most, if not all of these, in my cube.


Mother of Runes is a favorite of mine (and so many others) and I'm a sucker for the original art. I'm a little hesitant to replace any old border cards, especially ones that mean so much to me or have nostalgic value to my drafters, but it's amazing they've got me this tempted after so many different versions.

Speaking of which, another really strange set of choices here. Can't figure out the logic of the bunch.

Love the art on Sidharth Chaturvedi's as well, but I'll probably limit myself to the Island as a single pickup since I don't know what I'd possibly do with the rest of them.
It seems to be about the natural transition from life to death, what with the flavor text on Elvish Mystic reflecting the middle ground between Death's Shadow and a literal symbol of birth in the Mother. The carving in the forest is a bit harder to interpret, but it seems to me to represent how all things come from the earth (forest = sun = source) and their inevitable return to it (branches reclaiming the art) (and it also makes me think of That Door from FMA because I'm a bit of a weeb).

But that's just my interpretation, art is subjective, yadda yadda yadda.