General Secret Lair Spoilers

How does the secret lair thread not have the hottest drop of 2021 yet?

What a cool idea! And no better product to do it in than ‘Secret’ Lair.

I wonder how many people will now peel off their foiling on other Secret Lair cards…
Please welcome the most milquetoast Secret Lair to date -- the League of Legends cards. Here's the spells one (still waiting for 3 cards currently), and below are the basic lands:


I like these a lot, though having not played League or seen the new Netflix could tell me these are just a normal Magic expansion and I'd believe you.

I'd like the frame effect, as it looks good on each individual one, but I prefer each color have its own aesthetic in frame patterns in a perfect world. I do want to grab these for my Basics box -- at least the Bant colors -- but I imagine they'll be far too expensive for me to justify considering them seriously, when they look too much like standard lands otherwise.

I'm happy they're doing spells in the Godzilla/Dracula style here, as this is my preferred way of representing cards from other franchises, but they seem really...simple? Again, I can't imagine even a LoL fan immediately being able to identify them as a crossover. For the sake of the fans, I'm hoping they get a good legendary creature at least.
I really, really like the art on these basic lands. Very pretty! The Forest, especially, is a thing of beauty. Obviously they're foil and in limited supply, so boo anyway ;)

Chris Taylor

These are cool concepts, but I feel like it's gone too far. These are so foreign looking and they're pushing the appearance further from MtG cards as time goes on.
Yeah I don't love em either.
Love to seem them going out there with weird shit like this though. Something is gonna knock my socks off, even if it's not this one
I like these a lot, though having not played League or seen the new Netflix show
Show is alright, even if you don't play league (I don't). I had some mates over and we watched it, show is fuckin beautiful.
They wanted my opinion specifically as someone who had no idea who these people were, since I wouldn't know where the story was going. I kept on asking if character X was a hero in game :p

Like IDK if you know Fate, but if you've seen a clip of Unlimited Blade Works (AKA Unlimited Budget Works), I get the same feeling here. Riot has more money than God, and it's been put to good use.
I very much am part of the anime world, that's a good comparison. Will try it out this weekend!

Full spoiler's out. Not sure if I love or hate the new snow lands but I'm leaning towards love for sure.


Still a big fan of the Dracula lands, and just like with the Godzilla set before it, I'm sure the mountain will end up in my short list of favorites, even if I typically tend to not prefer to use/have full art lands.


So if I'm being a fool, I'll get all three of the land sets (these two, plus the Arcane one above)...that's $10 short of free shipping, so it'll technically only cost me like $15 to get a 4th set. Not really a fan of any of the rest, though -- except maybe the Dracula one just for aesthetics? There's not much in terms of cards I cube with where I prefer this art to the original. The "Where's Waldo" but with Fblthp is pretty funny, but the only card there I run/would run is Shelldock Isle and I wouldn't want to replace that art so...maybe I'll get the best value one to flip it. The Fabricate art is spectacular, though.