General Shenhar's UWR Control

Im gonna take one of those versions to Gencon next week. I know nothing about the Modern format but I wanted to try a couple events while in Indy and I like this type of deck just as much as you. Im gonna try the Geist version at FNM tomorrow.
One of the guys in my group plays UWR Geist. It's definitely good, though I think Geist is a bit higher variance. It can get blanked by a lot of cards, like Kitchen Finks and Voice of Resurgence, both played in Melira Pod, one of the more popular decks. If they don't have a good answer, Geist is a fast clock.

I am thinking about picking up this archetype too.
So I took Shenhar's list to FNM last night. I had to make a few changes since we only had 1 Scalding Tarn and 1 Vendillion Clique. So I ran an extra Hollowed Fountain, Steam Vents, Sacred Foundry. I also ran Gideon in place of the missing Clique. I also had to make some changes to SB. Heres what I used

3 Geist of Saint Traft
2 Spell Snare
3 Spell Pierce
2 Supreme Verdict
2 Thundermaw Hellkite
1 E. Explosives
2 Edit: Wear/Tear

I had decided to go with Shehar's list because as Jason pointed out its the most middle of the road plus I really wanted to play with Cryptic Command more than Geist. I only used SB cards in 2 matchups. I dropped 3 Paths for Supreme Verdicts and Explosives in the Bant Hexproof match. I feel like I got lucky with that one. Game 1 he got out Invisible Stalker, loaded him up with auras and went to town on me. Games 2 and 3 he didnt see a creature in his hand til turn 5 when I Cliqued him and let him keep since I had spell snare. What would be some good sideboard options against that deck?

In the last round I had to face UR Delver. Game 1 had me worried when I saw 2 Delvers in the first 2 turns. Thankfully I had the burn to deal with them right away. I eventually was able to get my Colonnades online and had a few surprise visits from the Angel to stop his offense. Game 2 was a little unexciting since he was stalled on lands. I was hitting my lands each turn plus I had Tec Edge. As soon as hed hit four lands Id destroy 1 and drop another Tec Edge. He was never able to see 4 mana. I also got him one time with Shadow of Doubt. That just makes you feel so dirty. I probably didnt need to but I brought in 2 Spell Sares and 2 Spell Pierce replacing Path and 1 Snapcaster. I thought we were going to end up in some counter wars and I felt like Id come out on top with those cards. The fact is since he never saw 4 mana it wasnt ever an issue.

The deck was a ton of fun to play. I loved how I could control the game and then out of nowhere go on the offensive and end the game quickly. There was a few games I would double Bolt end of turn and then follow up with Helix/Ajani.

So where can I read more about this deck. Since I know next to nothing about the decks in the Modern format Id like read some more about bad matchups and Sideboard choices.
Thanks Chris. Hooking up with some friends on Monday so I can test it against other Modern decks. They are bringing Pod and Hexproof for sure. What other decks should I be playing against?


Dom: I think you can? Seems good to me too ... I'm not an expert on the archetype, though.

Sterling -- (add Martyr too, Lax is a great writer and I'm a fan but was, uh, misguided about this one, like, Grixis Delver over Sisters / Martyr? rofl). Also toss in the GW hate-bears lists from Worlds, maybe check out the rest of the decks there and a few from the Modern Modo dailies