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Lots of creatures with cycling here, so how about...

REMOVE Ion Storm :\
Ion Storm can still do stuff, but maybe Zabaz is too parasitic. There isn't really other modular cards that are worth spending tags on.
But I trust your judgement, so you get a tag in case you want to remove something, @Brad
@Sheltem gets the other tag in case he wants to chop Zabaz themselves or substitute
I thought about re-adding Kabuto Moth but... yeah, now that Iname is gone, maybe the Spirit subtheme is not as strong... but someday it will come back to some cube ;)

Can I add this guy?

In case, I'm tagging @Velrun and @Jason Waddell
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I feel like the cube will never hit completion as people will keep removing things when it gets close. It really does feel like Twitch Plays Pokemon all over again.