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Do they have a visual spoiler? Like can I see your cube in pictures instead of text?

manaburn has a visual spoiler, I wouldn't use it without a basic feature like that. :p It has every cubetutor feature that I used I think. I never uploaded card images because I don't really do custom cards or showing off bling? It does let me keep track of what I own / what's proxied. I also get to customize packs in ways cubetutor never let me (e.g. 1 r, 3 u, 10 c for Kamigawa cube). The UI is aggressively simple but its nicer than cubetutor and its a lot more responsive to user input.
Everyone should read this article; Sam Black's genius strikes yet again:

It's another iteration of the Baron deck that Grillo created in his environment, but in retail Modern Horizons draft, using splice.

Drafted this archetype last night, and WRECKED:

Maybe my favorite draft deck ever. I felt pretty lucky only having it dip into three colors to support it.
Here's the shitty pics of the black cube that some people wanted. Bad glare from kitchen lights, but they're readable with zoom.

Imgur uploaded them in a totally random order, so, sorry. They're split into W,U,R,G creatures, W,U,R,G spells, artifacts, multicolored, lands, and then the black section is whatever I could fit in the picture. There's also one deck I took a picture of.

Not really the correct thread, but I'm not gonna start a thread over this, and pics of this quality are definitely BS.

I actually don't hate Jace as a boy's name.

Side tangent- Boys names usually either suck or shorten to something that sucks. Why would I want to name my kid Lawrence if everyone is going to call him "Larry?" I guess you could go with the "Italian Option" and call your kid Lorenzo (or the Italian version of some other name), but that's just weird if you're not Italian.

There are a few girl's names I like at least. I guess I can just hope to not have boys when I'm older :p.