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Apologies for the tardy updates here. I've been busy with CubeCon and things! Here's some items of cube interest of late:

WOTC commissioned me to build another cube for MTGO. I call it Cartographia, and it's a world of lands and enchantment!

Article on the Mothership:

Video introduction:

Our very first CubeCon finally happened! Many of you will know that it was in the works for three years, and was long delayed by COVID. It occurred Oct. 20-23, 2022 in Madison, Wisconsin, USA at the Alliant Energy Center. We had almost 200 attendees supported by fifteen judges. Twenty-six cubes, which had been voted in by the community, were featured in the main event, plus there was lots more cubing in the free play area. We ran eight events in the tournament, each boasting 15 to 18 draft pods. One of my colleagues, Gwen Dekker of CubeCobra, made a super sweet web app that people used to register for events and to do ranked choice organizing of cubes they wanted to play or to avoid. We had live Twitch coverage throughout the weekend produced by Michael Heup with a commentary booth largely helmed by Justin Parnell. I hosted a round table discussion on math-driven cube design with friends and cube content creation colleagues Andy Mangold, Anthony Mattox, and Parker Lamascus. Gavin Verhey and David McDarby represented WOTC at the event. (I shared an Airbnb with McDarby and six others -- if you do that math, that's eight of us in a house. This is an important number in cube circles!) (I didn't get much sleep.) The tournament champion was popular streamer Caleb Durwood.

VODs of the coverage are available at
. These will eventually be archived on YouTube, but they live on Twitch for now. ChillMTG put together a delightful photo and video album reminiscence of the event:

What an event! I am already looking forward to next year. I hope to see you there! <3