"Fast" multiplayer cube

I don't know how your additions will play, but I can tell you one thing. I like all the cards you are adding but the only card you are cutting that I care about is Elixir Of Immortality.

Also, the world is better without Subile Epiphany.
I am not sure where I stand in regards to Elixir of Immortality.
I like how cheap it is, that it’s colorless and helps keep you alive. But at the same time, the recursion it offers is “messy”. You get everything back and have no selection. The decks that want the recursion the most in my experience are the combo decks who need a specific card. The Elixir is more tailored to control decks.

At the same time I drafted this combo-control deck

Where you use Displacer Kitten and cheap/free spells to blink Gyruda, milling everybody or casting Mishra's Bauble and Everflowing Chalice with Hullbreaker Horror. Then you can Brain Freeze the opponents easily for the win. Here, the Elixir would fit into the control plan with the life gain and would have been nice in case BF got milled since the Torrential Gearhulk is my only form of "recursion" for it.

How do you feel about


Free and colorless, but much more selective and can double as temporary GY hate.

I've also rediscovered a card I had forgotten about

I seem to be drawn to these value 4 mana Black deathtouchers, starting with Gonti, Lord of Luxury and then Vile Entomber. This one might be the right one though as it's easy on the mana, has that third point of toughness for better blocking and more importantly, introduces the Monarch mechanic which is a ton of fun.

My new favorite card Paradox Engine, continues to impress, even outside of Blue based combo decks.

Aristocratic Paradox

At first glance this looks like a typical BW aristocrat deck, and it certainly can play that way with sacrifice outlets, sacrifice payoffs, recursive creatures and spells. But when Paradox Engine enters the mix, it completely changes how explosive the deck can be.
Priest of Forgotten Gods is the all-star as it provides mana and card draw for each use of its ability. Combine that with Hallowed Spiritkeeper and an Unearth and you are off to the races.
You can also keep the cards coming with Loran of the Third Path or keep the fodder going by convoking Hogaak and sacrificing it repetitively.
This deck would be 100% viable without the Engine, but it would be less explosive/combo oriented.

If you already have Earthcraft support in your cube, I highly recommend adding Paradox Engine as further support and an enabler in it's own right.
Random cube optimization


I have 3 Blue four drops that create artifact tokens, I can afford to be more diverse.

Urza is untouchable right now, but Whirler Rogue is a bit more generic. I like it less than Ethereal Investigator who creates more artifacts and potentially more flying tokens. You have to work for them, but not very hard and it changes how high you pick certain cards which is always good for the draft.

Sai’s ceiling is very high and offers some random sacrifice synergies. A 1/4 blocker is also very solid. I have more actual artifacts than ever before, so it seems like a good time to include it.

Sai UR tokens example:

I’d love some input on this one. Seems like a decent one mana ramp card, that lets you chain together some cards, provided you have a creature. Not sure it’s worth a cube slot.

Playgroup considerations

Taking an objective look at the cube, and I’m afraid that the artifact support in Black is too much for my drafters.

At the very least Imotekh the Stormlord has to go. It’s a good build around, but has a lot going on. Some is straightforward, some is more subtle and I 100% think they will just ignore the card in a pack.
Phyrexian Fleshgorger is also high up there on the cutting board as the only prototype card and therefore high in complexity cost.

Triarch Praetorian
Royal Warden
Necron Deathmark

The other three are both more tolerable and important. They up the artifact count and meld in with the GY theme already present in Black. Unearth is a great mechanic and the flash on the Deathmark sets it apart from Noxious Gearhulk.

As for replacements, I am eyeing a combination of these saboteur type cards that reward attacking.

I think Gix is a must as a card advantage engine and the incentive for others to attack each other is non negligible. Edric, Spymaster of Trest was good even though it wasn’t in the best color combination for the effect. I’ll probably sharpie out the activated ability as it’s a lot of text for a side use of the card.

After that, it’s close.
Both cards have played well in the past. Rankle has more utility as a discard or sacrifice outlet, but the Hordechief ends games. The off-color ability has proven itself in lategame scenarios before and the life gain is important especially if I add Gix.
Ultimately, Rankle’s versatility and keywords (I have very few flyers in Black!) make it a better fit.
I really like that Aristocrats Paradox deck! It has a bit of blink, too, which is fun.

Elixir of Immortality is a pet card of mine. I'm not sure if a fast multiplayer cube is the best place for it, but I do think it's better than Noxious Revival, which, for some reason, has always been dissapointing. Still, remember you can run this over any other trinket if you want to recur a single card:

I do think that Springleaf Drum is worth testing, it's a good card. I would add it to the cube and see if it works.

Gix is a huge addition and probably the best of the Edric, Spymaster of Trest clones. For the 4 mana slot, you really can run anything. Rankle is the most versatile, I cut mine because it was always "the second Yawghmoth", which was an issue at my size.
Your comment about Rankle, Erik, has me reevaluating a lot of cards. I don't necessarily want second best options for every slot. Some strategies need more redundancy, but some already have a critical mass.

Instead, I am coming back to some narrow combo cards, specifically mana producers and finishers.


Mana is usually the limiting factor for combo decks so I want to revisit some options.


Kykar's ability of sacrificing spirits for mana anytime you cast a spell is the main reason he is being added. Kykar's also offers the fallback of having an army of spirits to alpha strike some clown across the table. It would also cement the spells token theme in Jeskai with Young Pyromancer, Monastery Mentor and Third Path Iconoclast. It isn't exactly needed in that deck since it all ready exists, but would make it more explicitly supported. I like to support convoluted decks as much as possible, but not everyone is in the mood after a week of work. So having an obvious drafting path isn't a bad option to have.


Harrow was cut to try some cards out, but the fact that it refunds 2/3 of the mana instantly makes it really good in combo decks. The land sacrifice is also useful in Green as it is easy to recur. If I ever decide there is enough +1/+1 counter support, [[Biophagus]] will be back as it's a great enabler and powerful by itself.

Dockside is easily the best mana producer among all the cards here. It's actually too absurd I think as a 2 mana ritual since it can be blinked and recurred for value. Even though it would be a good fit from a synergy perspective, I will not include it because of how easy it is to go off with it.

Similar to Kykar and potentially better because it is monocolored, cheaper, triggers off of anything and has a relevant backside to draw cards. It's also a MDFC with lots of text and complexity, which is why Kykar gets the nod.

I've been critical of the Artist's vulnerability in the past and I still think it's a big deal, however, I run some cards like Oracle of Mul Daya that are just as fragile and have a high upside too. Sure they get answered sometimes, but generally stay on the battlefield for a couple of turns.
What has me turned off the most is that it triggers with only instants and sorceries. Magecraft makes it more appealing now with Brain Freeze and Chatterstorm, but the fact that not all spells deck would play him is a sign it's likely too narrow.


Finishers are hard to come by with multiple opponents. Right now in the cube, Thassa's Oracle, Brain Freeze and Professor Onyx are the main options. This has lead to some cool decks with unfortunately few or no win conditions, which isn't ideal.


By itself, Chatterstorm isn't very impressive in a MP format, but the Magecraft cards give it a big boost. Similarly, recursive cards like Regrowth, Yawgmoth's Will and especially Underworld Breach give you multiple casts to trigger Storm again.
I've been on the lookout for a cheap Green token maker and I think the cheap mana cost means that this will often be on rate (2 tokens) or better, making it playable outside of combo.

Speaking of combo, check out this deck I drafted

The tokens from Chatterstorm do so much here. They are mana with Gaea's Cradle, Earthcraft and Ashnod's Altar. They are also a win condition with Impact Tremors and Goblin Bombardment. Or they can simply be roadblocks until you are ready to go off with Underworld Breach or Paradox Engine.


Getting Memory Lapsed is miserable, but I still want a tempo counterspell. Remand #2 offers that and more importantly, you can bounce a Storm card to hand, keep the Storm triggers and cast it again!

Interested in one of these as a third and final Storm card. Grapeshot is probably too low impact, but I do like the cheap mana cost for recursion purposes. The 4 mana from Empty makes it hard to chain alongside Underworld Breach and company, even though the tokens would play well in Red decks in general. It might still be worthwhile and would open up some unique RG token combo decks.

One last card for this update


I want a Blue tokens payoff and it turns out most of the tokens are artifacts in that color. The Overseer combines nicely with Signal Pest to give Blue go-wide decks more support. It's also perfectly playable elsewhere especially thanks to the new Reconfigure cards, Phyrexian Dragon Engine and the 40K cards.
The Goyf is ok and might come back, but I find it a little too prescriptive because it only cares about creatures in the GY.

If you have any suggestions and ideas for more Storm fun, I am always interested!