General "Looking for a card"-Thread

Sentinel uses the fact that your opponents are limited in mana and goes well with the second card.
Canonist if you have an artifact aggro deck in your cube can really put a wrench in opponent's plan.
Vryn Wingmare is a second, worse 2 mana Thalia.
Archon and 3 mana Thalia constrain mana and are solid beaters.

The last two can be pretty miserable to play against, but I think Balance is a fun puzzle especially in planeswalker light cubes.
I run almost all the cards you listed Inscho! I actually had Death Cloud in for a while but I found it was mostly a second or third copy of Wildfire in how it played.

As for Nanonox's suggestions, I think Winter Orb is absurdly strong. Balance...I tried it but it's just too cheap. If it were more expensive when it comes to mana it would be "balanced for cube", but it's so cheap it pretty much compensated any and all of its drawbacks. Interestingly, there are not any rebalanced versions of it. Balancing Acts works pretty differently, for example.

I think I should try Ethersworn Canonist and perhaps get Big Thalia back in. But she felt less of a synergy piece and more of a goodstuff creature so I cut it in my last revision.
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