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Realized I can also run these types of cards

Kind of the same solution as @japahn 's The World Tree.

What I want is the a player to run a 2-color deck and splash for some 5-color cards which I hope will be succesful if uncontested.

Chris Taylor

I've certainly had challanges finding something

I've had to lean on customs for the most part, but Domri, Anarch of Bolas is a go wide payoff (as aristocrat decks can be wont to do) and can conditionally act as the world's most akward single sac outlet :p
Depends on what you want to sacrifice there is

I think Dragon Broodmother, though expensive, is a better signpost.
A bit cheaper alternative:
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Not sure if high powered or if it just works really well for me:

The fact that you don't need any set up to cast it is great and depending on the match up, you get two reanimation spells!
Are there any green cards that could draw drafters to a green aristocrats deck apart from this one?

I know of Rot Shambler, Bloodbriar and Lumberknot and currently run Bloodbriar, but they don't seem good enough to actually draw drafters towards the archetype and are more like "if you already are there you pick it" kind of cards.
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