Sets [MCD] M14 previews

I managed to 4-0 our prerelease with this:

Used sideboard cards were Negate, Naturalize and Fog.
The mana worked out perfectly and my splashed removal could alway be cast on time. The four spiders did a ton of work and allowed me to cast the whale in a lot of games. Scavenging Ooze was absurd everytime it got cast. Time Ebb was often very brutal because it could punish land light draws from my opponents very early in the game.
My favorite moment was when I got to cast Colossal Whale on turn 6, then follow it up with Clone on turn 7. It's pretty hard to lose when you got the whaleadvantage :D.

Ogre Battledriver was a very scary card to sit accross, especially in combination with Young Pyromancer.

Overall I enjoyed playing the format quite a bit. The cards felt refreshingly simple after playing with MMA and DGR.
Anybody experience with Young Pyromaster in cube yet? It's a bit soon of course, but Chas Andreas said the following on SCG:

In early Cube testing this card was underperforming, though, so you might want to hold off on picking up your set just yet. That doesn't mean this card doesn't have a shot to be excellent in Standard, but let's slow down the hype train until we see how it plays, okay?

Dom Harvey

The fact that he's extrapolating Cube results to Constructed given how carefully Pyromancer forces you to construct your deck tells you all you need to know.