Sets (NEO) Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Previews

are we sure that’s promo art for kamigawa and not the un set in space?
edit: cuz it appears to be a vampire which isn’t a kamigawa race afaik
Shrines are fine when they're a mid or low tier strategy and you're trying to live the dream rather than consistently getting everything up and running in some bizarre format that's too slow to punish them.

Shrines were just about perfect in M20 limited.
You know, I really wish people would stop complaining about the Cyberpunk side of the new Kamigawa. At this point it's been confirmed a hunderd ways that the traditional style people enjoyed from the first set is returning and playing an integral role in the new world. There might be some aesthetic differences from the original since it's been almost 20 years since the original block, there's plenty that invokes the original feel. Case and point:





Even most of the "cyberpunk" art seems to draw tons of inspiration from the original block.


Honestly, some people's behavior regarding this topic has been genuinely upsetting and disheartening. It has been making the forums feel like a very toxic place for the last month or so. It is painfully obvious by now that WOTC took care to honor people's memory of the original Kamigawa while updating it both mechanically and thematically for a new era in both the game and the plane. That's literally a main theme of the set according to WOTC.

How could anyone hate this world?:



This set is really beautiful and as I've been saying this entire time I would highly suggest waiting to see the entirety of the set before complaining about singular pieces of art. The package is shaping up to be wonderful.
All I'm gonna say on the DJ is that I hate it so much that I love it. It's so over-the-top tonally inconsistent that it becomes rad again, kind of like the whole Power Armor thing. Bring it on. Also thanks for posting the high-res art, Trainmaster! You're absolutely right that it's gorgeous, though pretty heavy on the pastel colors. (And more Wylie Beckert!! Not that that's a surprise.)
Also sorry for the double-post, but I'm starting to feel like one of the ways WotC is going to mechanically tie in the "new vs. old" theme is by making this not an artifact set, not an enchantment set, but an artifacts vs. enchantments set, which I've been wanting for forever. If the whole modified keyword is real (and I'm guessing it is), that would be a really neat use of bundling to tie the room together, and I think it would open up a lot of space for cubes by making artifact and enchantment themes less parasitic, even if the latter tends to be the only truly problematic one. I hope they do it, if only to throw a bone to the poor Melvins of the world.
I think (but don't really know italian) the reminder text for "Scarica di Fiamma" says "(Equipment, auras you control and counters are modifications.)"
I’m Italian and I confirm! I think this is a little different from the only other “modified” we got in Magic, that was in mystery boosters: Louvaq, the Aberrant

I kinda hope we get a few Arcane spells.

I hope that too!
i’m waiting for wotc to start the next phase of the alternate reality game and have the time traveling ninja who’s been posting these “leaks” start an AMA under an encrypted reddit username that leads to a numbers station that leads to posters around the greater Seattle area asking “HAVE YOU SEEN THIS MAN IN YOUR DREAMS?” with a toll free number to call if you have