Pokémon: the Gathering - A Custom Cube

Love HMs as equipment!
Power level feels appropriate and even?
You think Flash is better as menace? It's less blue, but probably more...flash?
In battle
Generations I to III
Flash decreases the target's accuracy stat by one stage.
The accuracy of Flash is 70% in these generations.
From wiki. I felt like the accuracy loss was reflected well by hexproof, as well as having it be blue-ish.
mask of avacyn is pretty close in execution, so maybe the equip cost on flash is a tad light, but otherwise seems good.
I think Flash looks fair to me — it's basically Swiftfoot Boots with the haste swapped for a +1/+0.
Mask of Avacyn is also kind of bad, imo. I was thinking it's kinda like Boots.

I'll try to post ten burn spells the next time I get a chance. It should be easy designs and they're a great thing to have your red section full of. Slower decks will burn your guys to stay safe, faster decks will use it to burn your face and finish the game.

The Grass section is tentatively complete for v1. Maybe I'll post all of it, but it's kind of a nightmare to upload 40-45 cards here.