Sets (VOW) Crimson Vow


And because people get access to Arena drafts early on, they have no need to meet up at their local game store to draft.
i mean, i still do arena drafts because there’s not an actual window in which i can do in person drafting without hiring a sitter, but yeah… nowhere close to the real thing. and i think most people would agree even if they are arena grinders. it’s just a matter of convenience/extra practice.
EDIT; also, arena drafts do not cost real money
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I didn't realize this would trigger on artifacts and enchantments too until I heard it discussed in Lucky Paper Radio.

I have mixed feelings about the 1/5 body of Murmuring Mystic, but for now I think I'm ok with keeping it, as being a 4-drop that starts triggering T5 is already a slow card that doesn't pressure aggro. A 4 mana 3/2 is even worse under pressure.

Another reason I'm keeping Mystic is that build arounds should not be fragile.

There is a big difference in triggering on everything though: it's much less awkward with other payoffs like The Mirari Conjecture in a spells deck, and is playable in a broader range of low-creature decks. Another advantage (that Andy really cares about) is that it uses a much more common token.

Anyone else gave consideration to making this swap?
Lucky Paper survey results are out! Nothing too striking to note here and few surprises, considering it seems that the typical cube managers seems to avoid DFCs. Nothing I think was a community miss from playing a bunch of limited with VOW either, except maybe the lovely Voldaren Epicure, which I haven't been able to find a cut for yet. Voltaic Visionary // Volt-Charged Berserker is a favorite inclusion of the set for me - maybe my top inclusion, even! - but again, it's a DFC, and not for everybody. I don't think I would be able keep it if I went down below 500 cards since it doesn't enable specific archetypes all that well.

Although I'm a fan, the fact that only 11/282 people are testing the excellent Falkenrath Forebear makes sense to me due to the lack of Blood reminder text on any version fo the card, and the limited opportunities for Blood tokens otherwise in most cubes. A shame really, especially considering the art is excellent on any version of the card.

Still watching Mirrorhall Mimic//Ghastly Mimicry, Blood Fountain, and contemplating Thirst for Discovery.

What do you all think of these results?
I don’t mind reminder text on clues, treasures, food and blood. In fact I greatly prefer them without the extra text.