General Weekly Fun Q: Favorite art of 2021

It is Friday which means it is time for Weekly Fun Q. This one comes from @landofMordor and the timing is spot on for New Years Eve

What is your favorite card art printed for the first time in 2021?


And the rest of Strixhaven. They are all so good! Dungeons & Dragons art style also made my knees go soft. This was a difficult one to choose. I have always enjoyed the mood that I find in rooms that are well decorated and have books and/or scrolls. I design my own home this way as well.

Bonus point for uploading a picture from your new years event.

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Luckily there's only 2731 options to choose from! o_O (There's some duplicates, despite the art:new tag)

Great callback, I absolutely love it :)

We need more RKF in our lives. Or at least on our card art. Such a recognizable and spectacular art style!

Another callback art. I just love the visuals of a small toad aspiring to become like The Gitrog Monster.

I have no particular love for the Secret Lair Drops (I don't mind them either, tbh), but this is the one art that really speaks to me!

If I could, I would list almost the entirety of the English Strixhaven Mystical Archive. Seriously, these cards are so beautiful! I can only attach 10 files, however, which isn't even enough to show my personal highlights from this set alone, so I'll leave it at this one, because I particularly like the art style. As far as I'm concerned they could switch the entirety of Magic to this standard though, and I would be a very happy man indeed. Gorgeous all around!

Approach of the Second Sun.jpg
Curiously I don't care about the Japanese artworks at all, with two exceptions... Huh... I thought I said two. Oh well!

Strixhaven is the main set with my favorite art direction. This is my favorite art out of all of them, and I hope Wylie Beckert gets the chance to do more of these abstract pieces. So pretty!

A lot of people don't seem to get exactly what is going on in this art, including me, but I still think it's gorgeous to look at. The atmosphere is breathtaking, and there's something new to discover every time you look at the piece.

How did they save two of my top 10 artworks (well, top 10 if we ignore the Strixhaven Archives) for the same card!?

Krosan Grip.jpg
My winner! Incidentally, the English Strixhaven Archive artwork for Krosan Grip is one of only three or four duds for me. In a wild turn of events (for me), the Japanese Strixhaven Archive artwork is spectacularly beautiful! Sadly not a card I am ever going to play with, but one I can nonetheless appreciate for its beauty!
Man those are some great options. A lot of love for Strixhaven is something I can only agree with. Is that Krosan Grip Kamigawa flavored? (The name doesn’t support this but the art looks Kamigawa)


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Man those are some great options. A lot of love for Strixhaven is something I can only agree with. Is that Krosan Grip Kamigawa flavored? (The name doesn’t support this but the art looks Kamigawa)
I don't think it's specifically Kamigawa-flavored. It's just a happy overlap between the Japanese art for the special Strixhaven Archive and the Japanese-inspired setting for Kamigawa.
Some great picks there by Onde, I guess I wont find many better pieces.

Japanese mystical archive art looks more kamigwa than ehat we've seen from kamigawa 2 so far.

However, I will give my vote to

Those carved on wood arts from kaldheim sagas where incredible. I also loved the showcase arts, but I have to vote something, right?
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outing myself as a weeb here but when the chips are down, gotta be one of these two. The night sky / star chart background on Opt is amazing, and if the palette of Memory Lapse weren’t good enough, the utter SMUGness of the figure’s overall gesture just kills me.

Chris Taylor

I want to thank bootman for once again showing me Scryfall can do things I never thought to use


I love a good landscape:

Shoutout to Kaldhiem Commander for this Resto artwork:

And who could forget, our one and only pogchimp:


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Secret Lairs always entice me with their art (am yet to buy one though). This was my favourite:

For normal art I am going to go with one of Onderzeeboots honorable mentions, because the art just evokes so much. The cute little froggy, the Gitrog Monster, the ripples in the water, the word 'DOMINANCE'.
Thirst for Discovery and the new Valorous Stance are both excellent, and I remember Crimson Vow being the set where I was excited about magic art again, so nothing else from the year really comes to mind. I think Stance edges out a win in terms of card art where the details aren't as clear, but I would probably rather have TfD on the wall.