Card/Deck Low Power Card Spotlight

Eh, the second ability just seems so useless. I wish it would do anything else basically, like giving a creature menace for a turn or gain you 3 life or something.


A consideration? Exiles one problematic card and cantrips and little value from the GY.
This card is so good, I love it. It's grave hate, fixing, and a cantrip all in one card. So much value. So much synergy. Great card, 10/10 would play again.
Crucible is slightly more fair than Loam in a lower powered cube imo. Loam is a one card engine that does a lot more than just recur land. (I think loam is pretty fair too). With Crucible you are limited to what is in your graveyard.

I don't think playing a land every turn is particularly busted...same goes for recurring a quicksand or mishra's factory or cycling a land and getting to play it.

Crucible is one of my favorite cube cards, and I highly recommend testing it
I wanna talk about this big koopa here

It seems like a cool control finisher that brings it's own mini game. But is it powerful? 8/8 trample haste is brutal and his casting cost is quite payable (wish it was 8 too). What are people's experiences with it? What decks want him?
Tested it and cut it. Not for being too strong. Quite a fun card, but cycling it 4 times for the special trick doesn't happen very often. It was actually best just as an 8/8 trample, haste for 7 mana, so I cut it for being too generic. I like the 5/5 trample, haste uncommon better in that role.
Yeah seems more tenable in a deck with more than one of them, ideally 4. With 4 of them you can start churning them out (assuming the first one meets an untimely demise), because after the first one ETBs on cycle, the other 3 do so too when they are drawn.
Note also you have to put the game on a long pause when you cycle it because you have to shuffle before you draw the card. This means you can’t do the “I pass the turn and shuffle in your turn.”

This is the dino pal Onde was talking about

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I love Yidaro. It’s pretty indispensable in my cube alongside cards like Sneak Attack, Oath of Druids, and See the Unwritten

In general, I really like Yidaro in ramp and control decks. I don’t care about the free cast so much. It’s just nice to cycle away in the early game when you need other things more. Tucking itself means that you can still draw into it later when you have the mana to cast.
It will also never be bad I assume, considering in which thread you're posting. The only thing is, unless green is involved in blink shenanigans, you could use this slot for something with more synergy potential. For example, I run Ondu Giant, which is worse on face value but works with landfall and super ramp themes you might be supporting.
You don't have to keep the mana up though. It's just, curve out, and then when you naturally have mana up, it's just sort of a small bonus? I don't think it's too broken, but it's kind of fun with sacrifice outlets as a way to create more value. In combination with a Birthing Pod, it allows you to start a second chain if you so choose.
How do folks feel about Sarulf’s Packmate as a role-player?

Being able to smooth your draw while putting a respectable body on the board regardless of whether you’re flooded or tight on lands seems good even if it’s never going to be flashy.
This was widely considered to be the best draft common in Kaldheim if I remember correctly. I think if your power level is low enough that it mirrors retail limited and you're ok with playing a foretell card, then go right ahead and give it a try.

On a related note, Spore Crawler from Crimson Vow has been seeming quite good to me so far. I know Jim Davis really likes it and drew in Sarulf’s Packmate as a comparison point. Perhaps this card would be of interest as well?

How strong is this card actually? I want greens creatures to be better than the other colors' since I deny the color removal, basically. And this guy is double green. But it's also a 2/1 and a 3/2 for two mana, which still sounds really sick.