Sets (MH2) Modern Horizons 2 Previews


A planeswalker that's recurrable/searchable/castable as a creature. That's awesome. Pretty good effects too, if you can get past token spamming. Good for BG self-mill style Rock decks.

Chris Taylor


Grist is rad and maybe an auto-include. I'm going to have a hard time making cuts for this set.
Oh lord I didn't think of that

I'm antsy about 3cmc token spam walkers anyways, being able to recur this dude 2-3 times a game is probably too much for me

Edit: Other things that work with this:
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The -2 is significant compared to Daretti's -1, and killing an artifact is way stronger in my cube than planeswalker.....but yeah the ease of recursion and the tokens w/o defender probably make up the difference.

Fair reanimator in BW! 2 drop with late game relevance. Good creature types, and bonus sacrifice synergy.

Love it!

Dom Harvey

Oh, I know. Browsing these boards full of cool people I just sometimes forget, that so many others prefer to invest hundreds in degenerate modern decks, where stuff like void mirror might actually be an interedting tool, instead of curating a great limited format for potentially less money, where they could endlessly draft and play with their friends, even if those don't have cards!

Crazy world!


And of the people who want to curate a great limited format, the majority of those will still be at a power level where Bottle Golem doesn't earn an audition
I'm already marking off flex/cut slots in my cube in anticipation of the rest of these spoilers. I'm expecting something like 12 new additions if MH1 was an indicator of what to expect.
Just when I decided to cut back on {W/B} reanimator because "they never give white any new tools anyway", they come and tempt me to undo all my changes.
One of my favorite themes in cube ever is when I made reanimation RW.

R for the looting and discards, W for the spells like this. And then chain together Reya and Karmic Guide, and it feels completely different then B reanimation

Monoskelion said:
Monoskelion {2}
Artifact Creature - Construct
Monoskelion enters the battlefield with a +1/+1 counter
{1}, remove a +1/+1 counter from Monoskelion: Monoskelion deals 1 damage to any target.

This card seems really good. It's a bear with a ping attached. While I think it's at its best in Cubes with Proliferate/Other +1/+1 Counter shenanigans to work with, I think the base rate here is good enough where the card is a good inclusion in most environments. I can't even imagine how good this is in the magical Christmas land scenario where you get to pair this with a Luminarch Aspirant or something similar! I like Monoskelion; it's a good successor to Triskelion!