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Banishing Light is much more intuitive than Oblivion Ring most of the time. Disenchant tricks to permanently remove stuff suck!

Anyway, when Banishing Light enters the battlefield, it sets up a delayed trigger. That delayed trigger won't go away if you enchant the Banishing Light with a Song of the Dryads, so the permanent will still come back if Banishing Light is destroyed after someone Stone Rains it. Unlike Oblivion Ring, Banishing Light doesn't have a separate trigger for when it dies, so it doesn't matter if it loses its textbox abilities.

PS. I say this with definite autority, but in fact I'm just pretty sure this is how it works.
This game sucks.

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i'm weighing sb options in vintage and whether or not engineered plague is playable kinda hinges on whether mentor's tokens are creature type monk or not
this seems to suggest yes
and the way siege-gang commander works suggests yes, just need to be sure
tia ^_^
I'm pretty sure an X token has name X and creature type X. Let me try to find out... ah, here we go:
110.5c A spell or ability that creates a creature token sets both its name and its creature type. If the spell or ability doesn't specify the name of the creature token, its name is the same as its creature type(s). A "Goblin Scout creature token," for example, is named "Goblin Scout" and has the creature subtypes Goblin and Scout. Once a token is on the battlefield, changing its name doesn't change its creature type, and vice versa.


I don't know jack about vintage but is it worth 2 mana to weaken the mentor himself / do you use tokens yourself so it's worth using over illness in the ranks?

plague costs 3, but i think i'm going with it for a few reasons.
1. it can't be mental misstep'd (like illness in the ranks)
2. it will be quite good against thalia based aggro decks that love to slam down a cavern of souls for humans
3. fringe value if anyone if playing merfolk for some reason
4. only a single colored mana (unlike consume the meak or night of soul's betrayal which were some of the janky things i was considering)
5. can be used preemptively (unlike echoing truth)
edit:6. still ok against dredge naming zombie
those factors, coupled with turning pyromancer And mentor into just sorta dorky threats, i'm pretty happy with this find and im jamming 3 in my sb moving forward