CFB Store Credit Contest: Design a Cube Card

Discussion in 'Cube Talk' started by Jason Waddell, Jan 22, 2016.

  1. Jason Waddell Administrator

  2. Laz Developer

    Drat... someone already designed the Flash 3/1 Blue Flyer with a hand disruption ability that I have been thinking about.
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  3. Are we supposed to submit an entirely new card or can we use existing designs we already cube with?
  4. Jason Waddell Administrator

    Uh... I don't really care. Whatever is most fun for you. I don't usually spend much time looking at custom cards, so it'll probably be new to me.
  5. Kirblinx Developer

    I'm not a creator and I probably won't be submitting anything for this contest (since I won the last one, got to give the rest of you guys a chance :p). This did however bring back a memory of a card I got to design for my friends 'coin cube'. I won the inaugural sealed event with the cube (we only had 4 players and this was before all these modified versions of drafting for less than 8 players existed).

    I wanted there to be a two drop for red to rival Snapcaster/Bob/Tarmogoyf etc. as Young Pyromancer and Abbot of Keral Keep existed to fill this void.
    I submitted my card. The owner of the cube changed the templating a little and decided to merge my face with the art to forever cement me in the cube.
    Let me introduce to you my crowning custom card achievement:
    Show Spoiler
    I did mention I was a terrible designer, right?
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  6. That would have been a pretty swell card at {G}{G} or {R}{G} though!
  7. Chris Taylor Contributor

    Have no Fear!

    Serious Suggestion:
    Show Spoiler
    Just at the right power level, the promise of something more, lots of nice little edge cases for sequencing and where to throw counters around, and a cutesy familiar enough name that players will get the concept easily.
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  8. Here is my entry, it works best in my cube or other tribal oriented cubes.


    It's conspiracy on Juzám Djinn. I'm still pushing this tribal thing, I have like +25 captainlike creatures plus small interactions everywhere, it would be a bomb in my cube. At best for you guys Goblin matron becomes a real tutor, riptide laboratory works on everything, everything buffs champion of the parish, splicers buff everything, Xathrid Necromancer makes zombie humans. It has kind of good sequencing with most of those cards, it is big and aggressive, requires some buildaround to max out, sometimes has immediate effect on the board. You could make an army of horses on a 5/5 body.
  9. Here is my current entry:


    I might change it before Feb 5th, but I'll let you know.
  10. Jason Waddell Administrator

    <CARDNAME> doesn't match the card name.
  11. Chris Taylor Contributor

    in MSE? the text CARDNAME in all caps should match the name if the card has a name, and you can insert that by hitting the tilde (~) key (Shift `) IIRC
  12. Yeah, I noticed that right after I posted it. Here's a new version. (Cardsmith doesn't have a good template for Constellation; it automatically thinks anything in italics is flavor text.)

  13. Here's my submission:
    Eidolon of Blossoms just doesn't cut it at my power level, at least not enough to be an exciting card. I dislike the Shroud on Argothian Enchantress and the other options (shifting one of the 3-cc Enchantresses down to be a two-drop was considered and rejected, keeping them at three mana doesn't let the Enchantress player curve into one of the many 3-cc Enchantments available to them) weren't very appealing so I went into custom design space. Elvish Visionary is another good card I'd love to find room for, so the Constellation trigger appears instead of the Enchantress one (plays better with counterspells anyway). The Yixlid Jailer ability is to promote on-board development: while it nonbos with a couple other enchantments or green cards it doesn't really work out that way in practice. It also serves to diversify 'graveyard green' and 'enchantress green' as competing draft priorities for card advantage.
  14. Hey, it's Ground Seal! I used to love that card back in the day. Super sideboard tech against Control Slaver & Worldgorger Combo in Vintage.
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  15. EDIT: I'm switching my submission to this one.

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  16. [IMG]

    I Brainstormed a lot of variants for this, but most were pretty fucking busted this design felt the cleanest.
  17. Chris Taylor Contributor

    I mean, when your baseline is easier to case cabal therapy that draws you cards and doesn't require a creature to flashback :p
    Like is this thing for the vintage cube?
  18. This is why I don't do customs :rolleyes:

  19. Inception {U}

    Shuffle a Totem token into your opponent's deck that reads, "You may think this is a real game, but this is a Shahrazad game. You simply don't remember starting it. Shahrazad is banned in like every format, so this game doesn't matter. Concede immediately and join me in the real game."
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  20. Here's my first submission:
  21. [IMG]

    (with apologies to Wild Guess for the flavour text)

    E: Sorry, should read "sacrifice another creature"
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  22. [IMG]

    This is the final draft of my submission. There's a lot I want to speak about regarding vorthos, mechanics, applications, etc, but I risk tampering with your initial impressions, which I take would be integral in your grading and oh my gosh I am such a chatty Cathy today.

    WAIT. I GET 200 WHOLE WORDS (open)
    Mortal Landscape is a design based on Zendikar mechanics. It synergizes best with aristocrat-like strategies, but has wider applications. It's worded intentionally to stack exponentially with each isolated death trigger which will eventually snowball into a win-con. Per its name, animated lands become susceptible to creature and artifact removal which can be turned onto the opponent. It's a land that doesn't produce mana which may present a tempo(...? Do we still consider this tempo?) tradeoff of developing mana versus getting the ball rolling. Flavor-wise, its meant to depict a post-Elspeth Theros where the poleis have turned against Heliod and have begun to erect stone idols around the cities ala Akroan Colossus: a sort of Theros vs Nyx set-up. But subtly. Mortal landscape. Get it? 'Cause the "mortals" have taken domain over the land.
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  23. CML Contributor

    someone give us a nice aggressive creature that costs B

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