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Jason Waddell (@jwaddell_)
Jason is an American statistician living and working in Antwerp, Belgium. He writes the MagicĀ Cube Design column at ChannelFireball, and previously covered competitive gaming and game design at Major League Gaming. Jason is an active proponent of pushing the bounds of game design, and is eager to explore creative ideas that can improve the gameplay experience.


Eric Chan (@platypusplatoon)

Eric is 2-9 lifetimeĀ in Modern Masters Limited matches, which is why he sticks to cube. More specifically, his own cube, where he wields a considerable home court advantage, which he capitalizes on to barely eke out a 2-1 record each draft. Although, he did run the table at this other guy’s “1998 and older” cube one time. Which played out suspiciously like an M10 draft. Take all the Looters, Fireballs, and Lightning Bolts, then go to town. Ignore the aggro beaters like Brassclaw Orcs, those are a trap. Wait, what was this paragraph about again..? Before Eric loses his train of thought, he remembers being told to mention that he’s the engineer behind Riptide Lab, and runs a Modern cube.


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