Cube Academy

Welcome to the Cube Academy! Whether you’re just starting out with cube drafting or have been drafting for years, we have resources to help you get the most out of Magic: the Gathering’s greatest format.

What is Cube Drafting?
What is Booster Drafting?
Six Walls: Building Your First Cube
Your First Cube Skeleton
– Cube Accessories
– Types of Cubes
– How to run an 8-player Draft
How to run a 6-player Draft
– Ways to draft with less than 6 players
Color Identity: White
Color Identity: Blue
Color Identity: Black
Color Identity: Red
Color Identity: Green

– Card Classification
– Oppressive Cards
– Planeswalkers

Why support aggro?
– Making Cuts

The Poison Principle
Recursive Black Aggro
Breaking Singleton
– Utility Land Draft
– Rethinking Red
– Wildfire Primer

Card Spotlights
   – Ludevic’s Test Subject
   – Young Pyromancer
   – Elvish Mystic
   – Shadowborn Demon

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