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Red is best-known for being blisteringly fast. The ‘Mono-Red deck’ is a staple of Cube, but no less scary for how normal it is. Its presence keeps people honest, forcing them to interact in the early turns to stay in the game.


HellriderZealous ConscriptsThundermaw Hellkite

Red’s midrange cards are terrifying too, promising to close out games very quickly. They can be used as curve-toppers in aggressive strategies or to end things on their own once the path has been cleared by:


Lightning BoltRolling EarthquakeMizzium Mortars

When it comes to killing things, Red has its bases covered: it burns down the opponent’s creatures, and then sets the opponent on fire. The ‘reach’ afforded to the red player by burn helps to make red aggro the beast that it is: you can end the game with a well-timed Bolt or two even if they manage to contain your creatures. In control decks, burn spells can buy you time early and provide the final blow out of nowhere to a careless opponent.

Big Red

WildfireEmber SwallowerBurning of Xinye

The Wildfire archetype is one of the most treasured in Cube, even though its star is waning. Lots of crazy things happen in Cube games, but little feels as satisfying as blowing up the board and having the better position when the dust settles.

Unique Cards

Greater GargadonYoung PyromancerGoblin Welder

Red takes an occasional break from lighting up the world to try something different. It plays host to a number of curious cards like these, which don’t fit in any clearly defined strategy in most Cubes but add a little spice to existing decks.


Wheel of FortuneEmpty the WarrensSneak Attack

In a similar vein, if you want to go crazy in a different way Red has its share of wacky and broken effects, from aiding in a dramatic Storm finish to crashing the party with a giant creature.

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