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CubeTutor Champion Contest

Hey Riptards. It’s me. Jason. The person who’s name is in the byline.

You know that one shirt you bought? You were proud of it once, but then you washed it for six months with fabric softener instead of detergent because you live in a foreign country and haven’t a solid grasp on the local laundry vocabulary? That’s my cube.

Poor, shabby, neglected. A hint of mold. Sure, it’s still got that foil miscut judge promo Noble Hierarch, but what’s this? A Kathari Screecher, handwriting badly scrawled in pen… “Bird Soldier Zombie?” The power has been scraggily changed to what looks like a 3… or a 5? That wouldn’t be a 5 would it?

My cube needs a makeover. I need a makeover. You can help (with the former).

Before we bury the lead, what’s in it for you?

Win a year of CubeTutor Champion access! (okay, okay, you already read the title).

What is the CubeTutor Champion program? For $5 / month, you get access to loads of premium CubeTutor features, like improved draft AI, savable draft configurations, and access to a draft format designed by yours truly, Grid Drafting!

What does it take to win? Redesign my cube!

Contest Details

Redesign my cube! To enter the contest, send me a PM on the RiptideLab forums with the following:

1) A CubeTutor list with 360 cards
2) Text explaining the design choices you made

I will pick the entry the most excites me, so keep in mind my biases: I like techy card choices that enable new archetypes without being overly narrow. I haven’t touched this list in a couple blocks, so there’s plenty of room for innovation.

The current list is here: http://cubetutor.com/viewcube/759

Contest ends October 27th. Happy designing!


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