Color Identity: White

White: The Army Color

For a long time, green was the color that got the most creatures, but [w]e spent some time trying to differentiate between white and green and came to the realization that it was silly for green to be the color that got the most and the biggest creatures at common. White is the “army color” so we decided it would make sense for white to get the largest number of creatures and leave green the largest creatures at common. White beats you with numbers while green beats you with size.

Mark Rosewater

White is traditionally the second most aggressive cube color (after red), and whereas red leverages speed, white fights using strength in numbers. In my 360 card cube, white has the greatest number of creature cards.

Tokens (Army in a Can)

Cloudgoat RangerBlade Splicer
Spectral ProcessionLingering Souls

In addition to having the most creature cards, white’s arsenal contains an array of cards that put multiple bodies onto the battlefield. A token-based army is particularly resilient to one-for-one removal, but can face difficulties when attacking into larger bodies.

Double Strike

Fencing AceMirran Crusader
Silverblade Paladin

White is also host to an array of small creatures with double-strike. These creatures are effective on their own, but better when paired with equipment or other effects that boost their power.

Pump (Anthem Effects)

Ajani GoldmaneMirror Entity
Hero of BladeholdGlorious Anthem

In the overlap between tokens and double strike lies pump. Tokens give you extra mileage out of pump by boosting the stats of multiple bodies, whereas double-striking creatures like Fencing Ace get double the offensive benefit from power-boosting cards.


Angel of SerenitySun Titan
ReveillarkUnburial Rites

Although the largest quantity of graveyard-based effects fall in black’s slice of the color pie, White’s top-end contains a number of cards that get extra mileage out of creatures in the graveyard. 


Mistral ChargerBaneslayer Angel
Sublime ArchangelEmeria Angel

Whereas red has burn to finish off games, one of white’s strongest ways to deal twenty damage is by evading blockers in the air. White’s fliers are incredibly efficient, and can end the game in a number of swings. We also see two examples of interactions with earlier themes. Sublime Archangel interacts with both double strike and large armies, and Emeria Angel adds tokens to the board turn after turn. 


FlickerwispRestoration Angel
Momentary BlinkGlimmerpoint Stag

White also possesses a number of tools for re-using enter the battlefield triggers. Flickerwisp and friends allow a player to get added value from cards like Blade Splicer and Wall of Omens

Mass Removal

Day of JudgmentWrath of God
Hallowed BurialAustere Command

Although white is the color most defined by large armies, it is also the strongest color against large armies. White’s array of board wipes allow players to sit back and play the controlling role.

Spot Removal

Oblivion RingSwords to Plowshares
Path to ExileFaith's Fetters

In addition to mass removal, white’s spot removal is the most efficient of any color. Path to Exile and Swords to Plowshares can dispatch almost any creature for only a single mana, and the more expensive options like Oblivion Ring and Faith’s Fetters can handle even the peskiest of opposing threats, like Planeswalkers and Enchantments.

Mass Land Destruction

ArmageddonRavages of War

Lastly, white has a pair of incredibly powerful cards that destroy all lands on the board. Casting one of these usually ends the game in short order, as there is little a player can do to recover once all their lands hit the graveyard. These cards are so powerful that some cube designers opt not to run them at all. However, if you’re looking to give white a way to end the game, these are the most efficient options on the market.

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