Cube Drafting with Eight Players

Cube drafts are most commonly run with a table of eight players. To set up a draft, simply shuffle all of your cube cards together, then create three 15-card cube packs for each person. Then, as described in the post about cube accessories, use playing cards (or any other suitable method) to randomly assign the seating arrangements.

cube draft table layout 8 players

Once the players are seated, run a regular booster draft. After the drafting is complete, randomly assign new numbers to each player for the opening match pairings. Player 1 will play Player 2, Player 3 against Player 4, and so on. Below we provide a bracket illustrating the flow of a three-round eight-person draft.


Note that each round you will play against another player with the same number of wins and losses that you have. Win or lose, each player plays a full three rounds.

You can download a printable draft bracket here.

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