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That theme music is addictive; I can’t get enough. Greater Gnoll you are an expensive acquaintance.

Hahaha, I'm so sorry! I'm delighted to hear that you are finding something of interest in the videos, and that you are consuming the series, er, religiously. The music is all my own - that saves me having to figure out licensing. Thank you so much for your note! It means the world to me. <3


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Noooooo... Don't get people to cut me off my fixing. That is all I have going for me.

This is surprisingly pretty close to how I deal with picks in my head. Sure you can always be fancy and and try and force a deck when you feel in that headspace, but overall I really like your acronyms and pick order.

Hopefully it will help others improve their drafting skillz.
Shouldn't this say "Fixing" instead of "Focus"? View attachment 3080

indeed it should! I decided at sort of the last minute that I should have some final recap graphic, so I threw that together rather too late at night as I was trying to produce the darn video already. I definitely should have written "fixing" there. I'm glad you noticed the error, and do please let me know when you notice errors or inconsistencies!

[edit] oh, come to think of it: I produced a corrected version of that scene for inclusion in the formatted essay that is a Patreon perk. Here it is!

Yes, it's a geeky topic. We are cube designers -- just embrace it, lol!

I am going to have to cut Demonic Pact :(

I run a cube that is very different from other cubes and I wonder if Hypergeometric Analysis is something I can use. I bet it is! The players get cards from the cube semi-randomly. They have some choice but not as much as they would in a regular draft where each card is hand picked from a random booster pack. As always, thanks for doing these videos. I can’t begin to fathom how much time you must be spending on them <3
Okay, I lied :') Very well done, Greater Gnoll! Funny to see that Copter pack again. I still think I'ld take Magma Jet as the third pick, but that might be personal preference :D

Yes, I had the benefit of your insight for some (all?) of those packs. I can see taking Magma Jet higher! I personally still have Crux of Fate over it, but I could definitely see the argument for Jet over Ob Nixilis. At any rate, thanks for the kind words and for the input! :)
I am launching a new podcast today that features conversations with innovators and friends in the cube community. The first episode just dropped! It is available in YT via the link here, though note that it is NOT really a video; it's just audio. I have submitted the podcast to the major listing services such as Google Play, iTunes, and Spotify, but it apparently takes a few days for new podcasts to be approved. In the meanwhile, you can manually add the RSS feed to your podcast player:

New Château Cube podcast out today, featuring design spike SirFunchalot of the MTGCubeCats podcast! Funch does a wonderful job giving a compact overview of his design philosophy.

The podcast has finally been listed on many of the aggregating services: Spotify, Google, TuneIn, Stitcher. Apple is still dragging its heels. Either COVID has, quite understandably, slowed their vetting process, or they just can't handle edgy, iconoclastic cube content!1!!1! I continue to make the podcast available on the Cultic Cube YouTube channel as well, of course.

As part of a partnership between WOTC and CubeCon ( ), two of our cubes will be featured on MTGO at the end of the month! One is designed by Gwen Dekker and the other by your friend Cultic Cube! Gwen and I collaborated on new lists that operate within similar traditional legacy space, but from the outset we charted different directions for the two such that they would result in very different play experiences.

We will have articles forthcoming on the Mothership about the two cubes, and stay tuned to Chateau Cube podcast ( ) for a conversation between Gwen and myself about design and to the Cultic Cube YT channel ( ) for a video tour of my cube.

I am so hyped about this news, and I look forward to seeing you all on MODO!
Here’s a bonus episode that treats the exciting news that some of you may have seen me share the other day: WOTC is featuring one of my cubes and my guest’s cube on MTGO from May 13-27, 2020! Wizards is using two of the ten cubes that will be played in the main events at CubeCon, an event for which I am an organizer. The spotlighted cubes are legacy environments by me and by our guest, Gwen Dekker. Gwen is the creator and lead developer of Cube Cobra, which is an awesome cube management web platform. Gwen and I sit down together to talk about our differing design visions and we have sculpted cubes that provide totally different play experiences within the same general power band. Come join us for convivial and high-level MTG Cube talk!
Special thanks to Lovis Pesenti for expert addition of cards to the YouTube version of the show.

CubeCon and MTGO Cubes:
CubeCon event site:
The Dekkaru Cube (May 13-20, 2020):
The Cultic Cube (May 20-27, 2020):



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I just found the article they wrote up about their cubes. It hadn't been posted here yet, so thought I might in case anyone else was interested.

It is pretty similar to what they talked about in their podcast, but it is nice to have it written out.
I gave it a draft already and drafted mono red (what? It was open...)

Currently 1-0. Deck seems strong. I like the environment. A lot of decent but lower powered cards are in the cube (Hissing Iguanar for example) that gives the format a breath of fresh air from the usual format cubes.
Reminds me a lot of my old wobbly cube, which is near and dear to my heart. Looking forward to giving it some more play throughs.

EDIT: Only stumble was a game loss against mono white aggro, I drew too many lands, otherwise the deck was straight gas.

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I've watched Nummy and Gaby Spartz draft. I was cringing at Gaby's first draft when she and LSV were both crapping on Courser of Kruphix while singing the praises of freaking Oracle of Mul Daya.

Kids these days have no respect... :rolleyes:

Eh, one of those is a lot better when you aren't interacting. Courser does nothing when people are just racing to 8 mana.
If you're coming at it from a vintage cube perspective I can see it.