General Cultic Cube video series

I'm just excited to see real cubes put together by enthusiasts finally getting the spotlight. The MTGO cubes were... lacking to say the least. I don't play Magic digitally so I'll never actually get to play either of your offerings, but I'm glad to see so many people having a good time with it.

Hopefully it'll give more people a look into what makes Cube such a great format.
Primeval Titan is a venerable stalwart of many a cube. Today we take a deep dive into where he continues to shine as well as where and why he may not not be the best fit. And if you are looking for alternatives to the card, we offer suggestions! This effort is the outgrowth of a spirited Twitter debate about the usefulness of the card. I appreciate everyone’s contributions to the discussion there!

I still run Primeval Titan! My strategy is to run a lower power cube, where Colossal Dreadmaw is actually an acceptable baseline, and ramping to eight or nine to cast your super-haymakers is an achievable objective. I think most of your suggested fives would be slightly overwhelming in my cube, but I do in fact run one of your suggested six drops! Hi there Honored Hydra!
They are!
Like siameese twins; several people using the same body.

I run Honored Hydra in my starter card pool which means the players will very likely begin the tournament with a copy in their starter deck.
I like Primetime because he's closer to Colossal Dreadmaw than not. There's a reason Dreadmaw got reprinted in basically every set - a 6/6 trample for 6 is something that a lot of limited sets want, and Primetime fills that same niche in a cube while providing that spice we crave.
Wow, what a wild resource to get! Some really nice insights into color balance and, to a lesser extent, archetype balance. Of course, your regular cube is a bit smaller, I believe, so there's some stuff to extrapolate.
Dude, my jealousy is immense. Any one of us would kill for that kind of data. I'm looking forward to the rest of the videos in the series, because this was cool as hell.
It used to work really well (when it loaded).

In the last weeks though, the recommender is basically just telling me to put back the cards I've just cut, lately, and telling me to cut the cards I just added.
I got together with seven awesome cubers to draft a new cube by Jbro, and all of us recorded the experience! In part one of a two part series, we are treated to the perspectives and commentary of each person at the draft table. I learned a ton from hearing many perspectives on the format and from watching how individual decisions had cascading ramifications around the table as the draft progressed.