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Show me your top 3 custom cards!
That is quite difficult. I have a few more that I like.
I see that I also moved more towards tweaking existing cards recently.


#1 Great card that works great with all kinds of card draw that happens in mtg.


#2 Really like this card as an alternative wincon and also sneakily works with the Labman archetype!


#3 This is a fun blink card that is more different than most blink cards. It works very well with the Rogue deal combat damage to opponent archetype.
Source: Solely Singleton S11E07.

Apart from these three I also have Pick the Wrong Fight, Sun Gem and Dryad of Masks in my cube that are great designs.
@Chris Taylor the source for Dryad of Masks is


Warren Recruits is my newest favorite card. Works great with spells matter / storm and lands-in-graveyard archetypes.

Rod of Seasons is my lands-in-graveyard type of Trading Post. And a 2 mana Crucible of Worlds that does a little bit more is more what I want. Source:


Constant Calamity is a Sulfuric Vortex that I like better. Multicolored weakens it a little bit more and it is good for my discard / hellbent archetype. Source:

Rising Fauna plays really well. Is even a little bit oppressive in my cube so that is a thing. Source:


Enforce Conformity is the Negate of Oblivion Ring type of effects. It even hits non mana land abilities. Source:

Field of Morphose. Great art, works very well in lands-in-graveyard archetype. Too bad it doesn't help spells matter anymore but there is that. I made this design myself.


Ruins of Alexandria. I like this card much better than Library of Alexandria. Perfect payoff for my hellbent archetype. I made this design myself.

Magmatic Swell. Isn't the most powerful card as it is difficult to cast but I really like the design of this card. Source:


@Velrun @Onderzeeboot The card Unopened Gift I have in my cube doesn't make the tokens but might be a better fit than Cylix of Creation.


@Chris Taylor this is the variant I have of your Dragon Ruby. I haven't really played with it and it isn't in my cube right now but I like the design. It has nice interactions with +1/+1 counters indeed. Equipment archetype in cube is difficult..

@Onderzeeboot The design for Arcane Elemental is very nice, cool ability! And Red Reading is also great!

My cube for reference:
@Maldar !! <3

Fresh face, fresh ideas and fresh cards. Thank you for posting.

I like the name, flavor and art for Sigil of New Benalia.

Journey to World’s End might need a new name but the alternative win condition is interesting. Especially because it also works with Jace and LabMan as you say. Isn’t it a little powerful now when it creates a land land every turn? The art is evocative! I get religious vibes from it.

Unoped Gift is super creative and very simple. Make it Blood Clue Food Treasure ;) Do people want to play this flexible card?
I don't often post anything in any kind of custom magic place. I mostly just browse custommagic reddit, various discords or this thread for inspiration and ideas. Once @Onderzeeboot shared my cube here and than @Chris Taylor made a very nice review of it (see page 98 of this thread :p) I see that my balancing since than has improved.

What would you change with the name Journey to World's End? @Velrun I haven't found the card being overpowered. I had earlier a version that let the land enter untapped but that was too much. It takes a number of turns before this card becomes better than Cultivate.

Unopened Gift is nice yeah. The first time I had it in my cube someone used it as a Lotus Petal to play Wrenn and Six on turn 1 so that is my best memory of it. Afterwards I haven't seen it making a huge impact. It is just an upgraded Lotus Petal after all. I don't really like Blood tokens. The Trifecta of Clue Treasure and Food was nice but now we get too much of them.


Ecstatic Orb
Those are some really great designs @Maldar! Ruins of Alexandria is a superb throwback, but looks a bit mad. Once you are hellbent, it basically always draws an extra card. Lovely flavor though. Journey to World's End and Rod of Seasons are my favorites of these.

From your cube. In my opinion this could be a direction to take either white or red. If Wizards ever feel like blue has too much in its color pie.



Idea for a flavor text:
The raven’s had but three words: “They are coming.”


I have run this before and it is awesome!
I like your art.


How interesting with skulk!


Divination that can be paid over several turns.
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yeah remand feels good in white. the name "remand" is even quite white (remand: to send back to jail pending trial. honestly great name for the effect)
The fix is to just have it not create copies. If it created some sort of rat token that didn't have it's ability, it would have the same "build an army" style without just... being such a massive pain in the ass.
@Onderzeeboot Ruins of Alexandria is a very good payoff for my hellbent archetype. Of course it is good in a lot of decks. However is is difficult to make good hellbent payoffs. And emptying your hand as a midrange/control player is not as easy as you think. The advantage of this card is that it isn't active on turn 1.

@Velrun I also think counter spells should be in more colours and Remand and Memory Lapse is the way to go for white. Taxing counter spells are generally thought of for white but cards like Mana Tithe, Spell Pierce and Mana Leak are just very good and played in blue often over hard counters. I would like it if white's counterspells don't really get rid of a spell, just delay it.

I like your flavour text for Third-Wind Courier. I will add that.

@Brad I recently changed Pack Rat to this. I found Pack Rat too strong but I like it for my self-discard / Hellbent archetype. So I made it a multicoloured card where casting it is easier but activating its ability is more difficult. I did the same with Bitterblossom actually:

Chris Taylor

I mean TBH if I felt pack rat needed fixing I'd just make the token making ability only on the base card

{2}{B}, Discard a card: Create a */* black Rat token with "This creature's power and toughness are equal to the number of rats you control.