General "Looking for a card"-Thread

There's also

(Though I literally just run sun titan @450, go me and my slanted design! :p)

Hey, what a looker! She's put many a game away, but I run Elspeth Tirel now because she was just a liiiiiittle too strong. (She is very, very, strong)

I play Angel of Serenity and Sun Titan. They play well as 'white graveyard recursion' and CA engines that feel powerful but not unbeatable, and on-theme for the colour. White fatties are one of the places I feel my power band pinching the available cards. I might have to design a second white 6 for my environment.
Thanks for all the input. I ended up going with:

because I felt it fulfilled the role that I wanted Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite to fill by being a strong finisher for the "go wide" theme but in a much fairer manner. Additionally I liked that it could still be valuable if targeted by removal or even sacrificed or discarded for value.

I actually replaced another one of my white 6+ drops, Dearly Departed because I just felt it was too durdley and way too hard to get online to maximize value. I replaced it with:

which is a card I am pretty excited about. Its cmc and abilities feel fairly costed and it goes well in a lot of decks: lifegain, going wide, flyers, and just generally a decent control finisher.
7 mana is an awful lot for a long term value engine. When you're running cards like Thragtusk, Shriekmaw, Flametongue Kavu, Meloku the Clouded Mirror, Drogskol Cavalry seems veeeery underwhelming.

Other higher cmc white creatures...What about Eternal Dragon or Exalted Angel?

Yes that is a good point. Overall I think a few of those creatures are likely on their way out. I am slowly but surely trying to take the top end off my power band to narrow it a bit. So what I am saying is I want to create an environment where a card like Drogskol Cavalary can be viable (though maybe even then it is a bit under powered and I am reaching too hard to try to make it fit). So your point is well taken and likely means I just have more cards that need to be cut. I am not sure I agree that Meloku the Clouded Mirror is quite on the power level as the rest, though. But maybe I am wrong.

I actually used to have Exalted Angel in the cube but took it out--considered it as a re-add maybe that is another direction to go. Eternal Dragon is another one I considered, it just does not seem to fit as many themes as Drogskol Cavalry seems to.
The issue with considering a card like Drogskol Calvary for its archetype support is that it hits so late in the game while requiring additional resource expenditure to make an impact. Outside of cheating cards into play (reanimator, etc), 7cmc cards are "nail in the coffin" cards. For go wide strategies, cards like Overwhelming Stampede or Angel of Invention are examples of higher cmc archetype support cards as they capitalize on the board you've established by that time. Calvary strikes me more as a glacially slow control card. It doesn't incorporate or profit off of the games' progress, it just comes down on turn 7+ and eats up your mana for the rest of the game slowly building value over several turns if it doesn't die right away.


Ecstatic Orb
Drogskol Cavalry looks pretty underwhelming to me. The interaction with Lingering Souls is great, but you're paying 7 mana for a 4/4 flying, which is quite unforgivable in most cubes. Battlegrace Angel is a better lifegainer, is two mana cheaper, and has an immediate impact on the board. Angel of Flight Alabaster has a more relevant spirit rider I feel. Angelic Skirmisher is another option that is cheaper and more versatile (not spirit dependant) than the Cavalry, and has immediate impact as well.

Edit: inscho beat me to the punch!
Yes, you are both right. So in that case, what if instead of Drogskol Cavalry, I went with one of the following:

Which one of those do you guys like best?
Yosei is very strong. Usually it's "win the game with a 5/5 or win the game with a Time Stretch". I still run Yosei as a "rare" (lower chance of appearing), though.

Agree with the rest being low powered. I've tested all of those except for Emeria Shepherd and cut them all for not being good enough.
I'm running exactly 3 cc6+ cards in white, and I'm pretty happy with them.

Captain of the Watch isn't that much of a control finisher, but great with all the tokens and blink synergies in white. Also solid everywhere else.
Adarkar Valkyrie is my favorite. A 4/5 flying vigilance is always relevant, and with it's activated ability you can generate tons of sweet value. Terror becomes Control Magic.
Eternal Dragon is a resilent threat, that doubles as a mana fixing cantrip. I could replace him, but I feel like he's just the finisher my W/X control decks want.
Hey, as long as we're talking about white finishers

What about this? This should reanimate a big chunk of a white section out of nowhere. There are also occasional broken infinite shenanigans you can do with it, if that's the sort of thing you're into. I'm actually considering making the swap with Angel of Serenity in my cube.
'Eternal Dragon isn't good enough' is my litmus test for whether my Cube's power level is too high for my liking

I'm not sure if this was directed at me, but if it was, I want to point out that I said that it does not fit as many themes. Not that it was not good enough.
was just a general argument in favour of my dragony boi

I concur on Eternal Dragon. Each color has a card or two like this I think. For Green, it's Genesis (IMO at least). If Genesis sucks in my list, the first thing I want to do is depower the cube.

Not that every list wants to run these cards. More that if you were to run them and those card don't do enough, you know your power level is really high (higher than I want to be at personally but YMMV).
Oddly enough, I do the same with Eternal Dragon. Tradewind Rider used to be my ballywick until I couldn't fit it into any archetypes I actually cared about.

You don't support a Blink deck? I could see this guy being awesome with army-in-a-can guys and stuff. Always wanted to find room for him, but never found the right cut.
You don't support a Blink deck? I could see this guy being awesome with army-in-a-can guys and stuff. Always wanted to find room for him, but never found the right cut.

I think I ultimately only wanted Tradewind Rider for a Simic resource denial deck, which was too oppressive with Opposition and Winter Orb, and too vague and anemic without. I cut that archetype in favor of Oath of Druids. Waterfront Bouncer has been my surrogate which slots readily into a lot more decks (including blink).
I'm looking for

- a creature
- needs {R}{W} mana
- is good but not broken/highest tier
- should do something interesting, maybe even a little to build around, but at least fasr from boring
- I would slighty prefer a aggro-playable card, but no big deal, since boros aggro exists without this slot