ChannelFireball: Ghost of Cubing Future

by: Jason Waddell

Happy new year! To celebrate, I’ve written a ChannelFireball article on the future of cubing, where things stand and directions designers can take things in the future. It’s a bit unlike past articles I’ve written, so do let me know if you’d to see more in this vein from time to time.

2 comments on “ChannelFireball: Ghost of Cubing Future

  1. I like this article a lot. You should expand on your balanced-vintage-cube idea. I wonder if the forthcoming Vintage Masters will be anything like that.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Thomas, thanks for your comment. Truth be told I haven’t put a lot of work into the concept, and imagine it would take far more design effort and playtesting to pull off than a traditional cube. Especially since you’d be all alone on that frontier. I’ll give it a crack once I find a better way to proxy Moxen. 🙂