ChannelFireball: Lifegain, Part 2

by: Jason Waddell

Have you been anxiously awaiting the sequel to the critically acclaimed ‘Lifegain: Part One’? Wait no more. This week, Jason takes the George R.R. Martin approach to release schedules with ‘Lifegain: Part 2‘, soon to be featured as an HBO miniseries, starring:

Woody Harrelson as Andy Cooperfauss
Aziz Ansari as Usman Jamil
Felicia Day as Thea Steele
John Kruk as Christopher Morris-Lent
Alan Rickman as The Hivemind
Danny Pudi as Jason Waddell

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One comment on “ChannelFireball: Lifegain, Part 2

  1. Anonymous says:

    Very tasteful, the reference to Usman Jamil. :/
    Keep it classy, fellas.