ChannelFireball Store Credit Contest Details

by: Jason Waddell

GravecrawlerBirthing Pod

I’ve never been more excited about cube design than when I was figuring out ways to make multiples of Gravecrawler and Birthing Pod work in an integrated draft environment. They came in together as part of a large-scale overhaul that focused on sacrifice effects, and after several tweaking iterations, they both added some real texture and fun factor to my cube. Both cards form the foundation for a variety of deck builds, and the ideas have been successfully integrated and adapted by a number of other cube designers.

I’m looking for the next idea that will capture that same excitement, and I’m willing to pay for it! I’m throwing up some of my own ChannelFireball store credit to host a RiptideLab article contest. Check below for details.


The Question: What card would work well in multiples in a cube, and what changes would you need to make to that environment to make the design work?

Advice: Try to consider the environment holistically. In terms of the Poison Principle, consider what types of drafters would want such a card. How does it connect to various archetypes? The card doesn’t have to be as versatile as Birthing Pod, but these sorts of questions can help drive the design.

Be Specific: What cards will surround the design? For reference, in my ChannelFireball articles Remodelling Part One and Part Two, most of the focus is on the supporting cast. Additionally, what effects shouldn’t┬ábe present. My Gravecrawler update introduced Entomb, but removed the environment’s reanimation package.

Submission: PM me the article via our forums. Note that this contest is open to anyone. If you’re not presently a forum member, feel free to sign up and enter a submission.

If we have 1-5 entrants: $25 ChannelFireball store credit to my favorite article. If I later write a CFB article about your idea, I’ll send you an additional $25 store credit voucher.
6+ entrants: $25 ChannelFireball store credit to my two favorite entries.

Friday December 13th, Midnight PST

Entries will be posted to the RiptideLab front page.

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