ChannelFireball: Modern Tribal Flames

by: Jason Waddell

After a months-long hiatus from article writing, I’m back on ChannelFireball today with a constructed article, of all things. It’s a primer of the Modern Tribal Flames deck¬†¬†that I designed, and later tweaked with local player Shaun Pauwels.

I piloted the deck to Top 4 at an 80-person GPT for our hometown GP, losing in the semis to a rogue Summoning Trap deck that I didn’t really understand at the time. Shaun, with no byes, opened the GP at 10 – 1 before puttering out to a 12 – 4 finish.

The deck is the living embodiment of my cube, a five-color good stuff monstrosity with (at least) two of each fetchland and a full playset of Steppe Lynx.

It’s kind of a pile, but it attacks from lots of unique angles and gets to jam some of the format’s premier cards.

Deathrite ShamanTarmogoyfSnapcaster MageGeist of Saint Traft

As Eric will surely note, my article once again has been run behind a Travis Woo headliner.

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