Contest: Design a Cube Card

by: Jason Waddell

It’s contest time! For this contest, we’re looking for you to submit one and only one custom made, cube-able Magic card. The card should follow the spirit of my recent article ‘Building a Cube: Archetype Design‘. Specifically, I am looking for cards that:

  • are independently playable
  • have synergies with one or more cube themes or subthemes

Although the focus is on design, we will also take into consideration the aesthetics of the card, including name, art and flavor text.

Contest Rules

  • each entrant may only submit one card
  • a card image must be provided
  • although the design should be grokkable on its own, entrants may provide a description the design. the description can have a maximum of 200 words
  • entries must be sent to me on the forums via PM, by midnight, Friday, February 5th. 

The winner will be awarded $25 in ChannelFireball store credit.

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