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2022 was another year where the forum just hummed along. A lot more cards were introduced this year, more than any other, which made some people a little overwhelmed and less invested in the hobby than usual. This doesn't mean that discussion wasn't had and memes were never too far away.

I personally spent a lot of time away from the forum this year, so I am really excited to see this list, as I am sure there are many things here that I have missed. The cutoff this year was 11 reacts again, but instead of 50 posts it is down to 39. I could do all the 10 react posts if people want, that would increase the number up to 57 posts. Just let me know if this is the case and I will add it in post.

All the same liked posts will be put in alphabetical order of the user who posted, so all posts are equal, ignoring the number ranking (it just helps me count).

The Usual Disclaimer:
I scraped this data on the 1st of January 2023. The likes may have changed due to new members only just reading them (probably due to this post). A decent amount of these posts are very context-dependant, so if you don't get something, post it in this thread and we can help decipher it for you.

Now here we go, the most reacted to posts of 2022:
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39. Dom Harvey - Riptide Lab Podcast Fans
38. Humpty_Dumpty - Most Expensive Card I Own
37. insho - Personal Guidelines for the GCC
36. Jason Waddell - Worst Card to Lose to, Best Card to Win With
35. Jason Waddell - *squint*
34. Jason Waddell - Beetlejuicing
33. landofMordor - Cube Power Level: A User's Guide
32. landofMordor - Defining & Optimizing Complexity
31. Nanonox - Options for Boros Artifact Aggro
30. Nemo - Effing Shrines
29. Onderzeeboot - Fool's Tome
28. Onderzeeboot - Custom Card Contest, Adventuring for Gold
27. Onderzeeboot - Diagnosed with BPPV
26. ravnic - WotC Selling Proxies
25. Seeker - Third Path Iconoclast Spoiler
24. TrainmasterGT - Traditional Kamigawa Style in Neon Dynasty

12 Reactions
23. Dom Harvey - Winning $3000
22. Jason Waddell - Peaked My Interest
21. Jason Waddell - oh no
20. Lady Lynn - Functions, FunctionLocks and Plans
19. landofMordor - Interaction, Synergy and Game Size
18. Onderzeeboot - Adventure Card Contest Winners
17. Onderzeeboot - Recovering from BPPV
16. sigh - Arcane Savant IS Bad Design
15. sigh - Spending Money on Magic Cards
14. Velrun - The Quality of MakePlayingCards
13. Zoss - No Brain All Hype

13 Reactions
12. Banana25 - Tips on Designing Synergy Cubes
11. inscho - Explosive Synergy Matrix
10. safra - Must see Pictures of this Cat
9. Zoss - Sun Titan and Lurrus had a Baby

14 Reactions
8. Kirblinx - Checking Out Pauper
7. LadyMapi - Why Arcane Savant is very much Bad Design
6. tfresor - The Treasures and Trinkets Cube

15 Reactions
5. Humpty_Dumpty - Tempting Riptiders to Play Arena
4. Kirblinx - RiptideLab's Most Reacted Posts of 2021

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3. safra - Phoenix Tribal

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2. Jason Waddell - M30 Preview Spoilers

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1. TrainmasterGT - Stock Poster Biases: An Addendum to the Addendum to the Spotter's Guide

The Best Post of the Year comes from @TrainmasterGT with a tried and true successful banger post, the Spotter's Guide. This is the third iteration of such a list, the other two can be found here and here. It is always nice to see these pop up every couple of years as a nice elbow-jab to the most prominent users that haven't had a mention in any of these up to this point. It was nice I finally got a mention in one of these posts (and rather accurate depiction).

Runner up was @Jason Waddell, poking fun at the worst set released ever for Magic. Mainly due to it's predatory practises in FOMO and trying to milk their fanbase for all it's worth. This thread was a nice way of lightening up the whole situation so that it could forgotten about and never mentioned again.

Third Place goes to @safra with the best Design? Post, which tries to convince us that Phoenix Tribal could indeed be a thing, written with their usual flair that makes everyone take notice (even though they probably no idea what is actually going on).

Next award I want to mention is Best Cube Blog Post which goes to @tfresor. I don't know if there has ever been a post from the Cube Blogs this high, so I wanted to give it a mention. It feels very much like a new Penny Pincher, which is always welcome.

Top Article of the Year, just goes straight to @landofMordor who spent all his LPR energy to bring us 3 good reads this year (numbers 19, 32 and 33). Check them out if you haven't already, they are all great.

The Most Liked User (the person with the most entries on this list) this year goes to @Jason Waddell for the second year in a row. Can anyone stop his reign of terror? Onderzeeboot was close this year, just needs to step up their meme game.

Finally, again like every year, I would like to thank the RiptideLab community. We got bombarded with so many cards and sets this year that I didn't even remember that Neon Dynasty actually came out this year. At least we are in our own little corner and can just pop in every couple of months to see if there is any new hotness like Fable of the Mirror-Breaker (arguably the best card of 2022). May you all have a great 2023.


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