CFB Store Credit Contest Entries

by: Jason Waddell

Last month I announced a cube design contest, where contestants were asked to propose a card that could work well in multiples in a cube draft environment, and explain what changes would need to be made to said environment in order to execute the design properly.

The contest closed on Friday, and the entries are in! Eric Chan and I wrote our critiques of each of the seven submissions, found below.

Entry 1 – Green Sun’s Zenith and Knight of the Reliquary

Entry 2 – Accumulated Knowledge and Kindle

Entry 3 – Splinter Twin

Entry 4 – Young Pyromancer

Entry 5 – Scuttlemutt

Entry 6 – Phyrexian Metamorph

Entry 7 – Tinker

After you’ve reviewed each submission, visit this forum thread to debate the entries and vote for the winner of the contest. Voting for the contest will close Friday, after which we will open a new thread to vote for the contest runner-up.

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