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  1. Kirblinx Developer

    Hello again, fellow Lab Maniacs!

    It is that time of year again. The site activity was a bit down on last year, as there isn't as many high liked posts. This isn't to say these aren't all quality, just less overall people on the site to like the cream (I know I wasn't here that much last year).

    There was exactly 20 posts with 10+ likes, so this list will consist of a top twenty. There are 13 posts with 9 likes that just didn't scrape in.
    Edit: Heck I did 35 posts last year, so why not make all the 9+ like posts honorable mentions!
    All the same liked posts will be put in alphabetical order of the user who posted, so all posts are equal, ignoring the number ranking (it just helps me count).

    The Usual Disclaimer:
    I scraped this data on the 3rd of January 2017. The likes may have changed due to new members only just reading them (probably due to this post). A decent amount of these posts are very context-dependant, so if you don't get something, post it in this thread and we can help decipher it for you.

    But without further ado, here are the most liked posts of 2017:
    20. Aston - The best translation mistake
    19. Aston - Can make Devoted Druid swing for 3
    18. Diakonov - Sacred Cat
    17. Dom Harvey - Did a masters in computer science
    16. Dom Harvey - Greenbelt Rampager's Best Use
    15. GalacticTraveler12 - Future Cycle Cube
    14. Kirblinx - In memory of Lucre
    13. Onderzeeboot - A Merry Christmas to all
    12. RavebornMuse - How to make a "Decks-matter" cube

    11. Alfonzo Bonzo - If you were going to sin, how would you do it?
    10. James Stevenson - What does a Ravenous Intruder eat?
    9. Onderzeeboot - Going deeper with Vial Smasher

    8. Laz - Todays cute and silly combo
    7. Onderzeeboot - Moar sweet cards (HoD spoiler)
    6. Onderzeeboot - This is amazing (unstable spoiler)

    5. wahoopride - Why I spend so much time designing my cube

    4. Aston - Aston's Dating Profile
    3. Eric Chan - The next Magic Online cube

    2. B8r - Bringing back the new 2-mana Planeswalker
    1. Diakonov - Djinn of Wishes flavor is on point

    So congrats to both B8R and Diakonov for the first tie in this now 3 year long tradition.

    Here are some random tidbits that I found interesting:
    • 10. James - Earliest post to make the list (7 Jan);
    • 13. Onderzeeboot - Latest post to make the list (24 Dec);
    • Both those earliest and latest posts are beaten by honorable mentions 26. (5 Jan) & 28. (31 Dec)
    • November was the best month for likes with 5 entries in this list.
    • February again, was the worst with none along with August both didn't even have any honorable mentions.
    • 5. wahoopride - Gets the highest non-shitpost award this year.
    • 12. RavebornMuse - Wins the award for most quality contest
    • 15. GalacticTraveler21 - Most liked cube (blog), just beating out 31. Grillo's Inventor's Fair
    • Onderzeeboot spoils the best cards which this year were both 3 drop blue cards
    • James throne of excellent shops gets ousted by 18. Diakonov (which he was responsible for anyway :p)
    My personal favourite post this year was Grillo's new cube - the Inventor's Fair. I built my own version and it is great fun to play. It even made cubetutor's featured cube and has been the main reason for me to keep coming back to the forum while my personal interests waned from cube.

    Once again,thanks for the people who contributed to the list for being a great part of the community, and for the people who liked the posts. Without you, I wouldn't have anything to scrape and I wouldn't be able to get the best jokes for future historians to find without digging too far.

    As per usual I will posts other stats in this forum later (I'm pretty interested to see the most active posters last year). If you have any other posts that should get a mention, or want me to try to find any other stats just shout them out, always happy to oblige!

    Previous Most Liked Post Awards:
  2. James Stevenson Steamflogger Boss

    Thanks Kirb! Looks like I better step up my stupid shops next year. It's been too long.

    By the way, no. 16's link is broken.
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  3. Darn, I was going to mention that...

    Thanks Kirblinx! I love these :) Number 4 was my favorite this year, I snorted again :D
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  4. Kirblinx Developer

    Link has been fixed. Sorry about that. Have to do all the links manually and sometimes my copy/paste clipboard gets a bit muddled :p

    Alright, now to get on to:

    Posts Per User in 2017
    Show Spoiler
    So this is pretty telling when compared to last years stats. In 2017 there were only 5,959 posts made, compared to the 16,047 in 2016. So only a third of what we did the year before. So all the regular posters post counts have dropped by half to account for this. Onderzeeboot still reigns supreme with his post count. Grillo, sigh and Chris all maintain their positions in the top 5, with the other top 5 user (Jason) getting replaced with ahadabans.

    Valrun and Salmo2 were the best new contributors to the forum from last year and helped breathe new blood into the forums.

    If only I didn't delete the data from last year, as I would have like to done the comparisons for every user, but I don't feel like re-entering that much data.

    So while last year was a way off the boon that was 2016, it was around the same as 2015, so the forum is maintaining it's content and I am looking forward to seeing if 2018 can help us get closer to the peak we had in 2016.
  5. Grillo_Parlante Contributor

    Thats not really surprising though. Basically all of the original group basically moved on from magic (which is normal and healthy) and the second wave have more or less settled into their formats. On top of that no one could register for about half the year, reducing the chance of a third wave finding the forum.

    Though from what I understand, magic itself is having something of a rough time, with the player base dropping something like 40% over the last three years.
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  6. I didn't even have to flex my muscles to make top of the list again! ;) But yeah, Grillo makes some good points. Funnily enough though, I have actually cubed a lot more in 2017 than in 2016.
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  7. Huh, I had half as many posts compared to the year before. Makes sense though, I did graduate in 2016 and start working in 2017. Also, Magic was definitely far less interesting to me through 2017 with so many yawners set-wise and having zero interest in following a shitty Standard format at all. I'm still on here most days of the week, but I'm usually just ghosting through and checking threads rather than actually posting. Haven't had a chance to actually cube at all in a few months :(
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  8. James Stevenson Steamflogger Boss

    Yeah, its been a long time since I've had a group of friends who want to play cube. :C
  9. Jason Waddell Administrator

    I may begin posting here again soon. I've gone though about 5 completely different prototypes of games made in varying degrees of "from scratch". At the moment I have one which is pretty fun to play, but maybe lacks originality. Currently lies somewhere between Magic and Hearthstone, with Grid Drafting.
  10. Hey, cracked top 10 in posts!

    I don't have the stamina I once had for forum discussions, but I've really enjoyed being a member of this forum. My playgroup has shrunk tremendously in the past couple years....we used to have a steady pool of 15 folks, and we're down to maybe 5 regulars.

    My recent obsession with getting back in shape, playing pick up basketball, and working on the house has definitely dug into my energy to organize magic nights. Only so much time in a day!
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