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2021 wasn't that much of an improvement on 2020. The world has still seen better days. Magic was also in a weird state with Wizards more cards in a year than ever before. In saying all that, it was a decent year for the forum due to the site upgrade and a little uptick in activity.
I also had a bit a hiccup as my code for this scraper had been lost in a server move from my website host, so I had to remake it from scratch, so I am surprised that I managed to get it to work this quickly.

Because of the new upgrade and reaction system, there were more reactions than the last couple of years, which makes my job all the more harder, but more rewarding. I am doing a top 50, which are all the posts that had 11+ likes or more. I also had to change the name of this post, since not all reactions are 'likes' anymore. Also, with the way that the site now does images, some of the link below don't end up on the right post. It will be on that page a little bit down possibly. If you let the images load, then they should be cached and if you refresh the page should take you to the right post then.

All the same liked posts will be put in alphabetical order of the user who posted, so all posts are equal, ignoring the number ranking (it just helps me count).

The Usual Disclaimer:
I scraped this data on the 1st of January 2021. The likes may have changed due to new members only just reading them (probably due to this post). A decent amount of these posts are very context-dependant, so if you don't get something, post it in this thread and we can help decipher it for you.

Now here we go, the most reacted to posts of 2021:
11 Reactions
50. Brad - Abiding Grace Analysis
49. Chris Taylor - A Sever Tells You to Enjoy Your Meal
48. dbs - Mox Cube v2
47. dbs - Min-Max Game Between Player and Designer
46. Dom Harvey - Giving Newcomers a Taste of Who We Are
45. Dom Harvey - GW Earthcraft/Cryptolith Rite Archetype Example
44. Galmara - Blinking Intrepid Adversary (First Post)
43. Heymaker - My Thoughts Exactly lol
42. Jason Waddell - Where the Toxic Player Base Lives
41. Jason Waddell - Summing Up 'We Make the Cube'
40. Kirblinx - RiptideLab's Most Liked Posts of 2020
39. Kirblinx - RiptideLab's Most Liked Posts - 100,000 Posts Edition
38. LadyMapi - And I'm Back
37. Mown - The Aether Hub - Cube Contest Entry (First Post)
36. Rowan_CB - Bone Shards Spoiler
35. Sigh - My Job Here is Done
34. TrainmasterGT - My First CubeCobra Article
33. Velrun - Speed of Set Release Meme

12 Reactions
32. Brad - Poorly Designed Characters
31. ellogeyen - How To Change a Changeling - Cube Contest Entry (First Post)
30. Erik Twice - Seeing Nothing But Islands
29. japahn - Refining Cube Occasionals
28. Jason Waddell - Triangle Drafting; A Faster Asynchronous Drafting Format
27. Jason Waddell - Community Update
26. Jason Waddell - What Happens When You Blink One-Eye?
25. kModz - Finally Started Posting
24. Rasmus Källqvist - Stormchaser Drake Spoiler
23. safra - 2 Years Since Last Post
22. shamizy - Champion of the Perished Spoiler
21. TrainmasterGT - What's Wrong BB?
20. Velrun - Learning From 'We Make the Cube'
19. Velrun - Extinction Event Alter

13 Reactions
18. Aston - Jesse, What the Hell are You Talking About?
17. landofMordor - Power Outliers: A Cube/Constructed Analogy
16. landofMordor - Encouraging of New Blood in the Forum
15. Onderzeeboot - A Red 2/2 with Upside!
14. MilesOfficial - Just Happy to Be Here
13. ravnic - Landfall, Lifegain, Ramp ... He Does it All
12. shamizy - Riptide Featured on CubeCobra

14 Reactions
11. Chris Taylor - Cleave
10. Heymaker - Whooooo! White Card Draw

15 Reactions
9. Jason Waddell - In Defence of Venser & Funch
8. Lady Lynn - The Seventh Recipe for Reducing Parasitism (First Post)
7. LadyMapi - Goodbye For Now

16 Reactions
6. japahn - The Art and Science of Giving Choices
5. japahn - Lessons from Kaldheim

17 Reactions
4. Jason Waddell - Comparisons Between RiptideLab and Brainstorming Discord

18 Reactions
3. Jason Waddell - Posting Dom's W Online

19 Reactions
2. Onderzeeboot - Cross-Appeal in Cube; Recipes to Avoid the Pitfalls of Parasitic Archetypes

21 Reactions
1. Tjornan - Introducing the Cube Map

The Best Post of the Year comes from @Tjornan with one of the best toys for all cube enthusiasts, The Cube Map! Such a great achievement in software engineering and something that anyone with a cube will have fun mucking around with.

In second place is the Top Article of the Year, where @Onderzeeboot finally managed to usurp @japahn for a year (although they weren't too behind this year with 2 solid entries in 5th and 6th). All 3 of which are great reads

The Top Memes of the year both had 14 reactions in 10th and 11th (although one could argue that 3rd place is meme-esque). So congrats to @Heymaker and @Chris Taylor for their dank meme mastery and knowing what makes us laugh.

The Most Liked User (the person with the most entries on this list) this year goes to @Jason Waddell. He came back with a vengeance this year with 8 entries on this list. It was a combination of memes and trying to quell the turmoil that happened mid-year.

Finally, again like every year, I would like to thank the RiptideLab community. It was a turbulent year with conflicts we hadn't had to deal with before. Jason had to make some tough calls, but we came out the other end relatively unscathed. The forum got a great upgrade (thanks @James Stevenson) that gives it a huge breathe of fresh air and helps line it up with other apps that we have been accustomed to in recent years. There were also a lot of cool sets and cards that all had us wanting to rework everything we had done up to that point (MH2, amirite?). May all of our 2022 be what we want it to be.


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Also, with the way that the site now does images, some of the link below don't end up on the right post. It will be on that page a little bit down possibly. If you let the images load, then they should be cached and if you refresh the page should take you to the right post then.
I think I just fixed this - been on my mind for months, sorry. Let me know if I broke something!


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How very uncharacteristic of me to end up in the top 3 with an article :')

Personally, I don't think I will ever write anything that brings me more joy than my Brainstorm post did, even though it got less likes than this one XD